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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Awesome Mom

Because my life has been slightly nuts-o (to say the least) --in all areas of life-- I forgot to write up a quick post for my mom's birthday!

She celebrated her 22nd birthday yesterday!!! (hehe)

my mom and her (late) mother --both are Swiss. Circa 2004
I love my mom because she is real. She is a woman who knows her worth, who knows who she is, and who does the tasks ahead of her without an air of complaint. 

She is the most patient woman ever (seriously. I would be long gone with some of the tantrums we kids threw.....). And she loves the Lord with a deep, converted heart and conviction.

She is the essence of charity, beauty, grace, love, motherhood, kindness, compassion, and service. She knows how to throw a mean party, scoop thirds onto everyone's plates, cook up a healthy meal in a blink of the eye, and calm a child down from a fit. 

She is the strongest woman I know!

I love you mommy! Happy Birthday :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Waiting Upon The Lord : A Lesson

Hey friends! Sorry I have been MIA here.... 

FYI: if you ever want to stalk me a little more, you're welcome to come and visit me at my fitness and health website and blog. I write daily--and you might even get some tips and tricks to enhance your health, happiness, and life :)

On a completely different note, I was sitting in Relief Society the other Sunday, listening to the teacher talk about a certain General Conference talk --the talk was entitled "Waiting Upon The Lord: Thy Will Be Done" by Elder Robert D. Hales--- and boy did that come at the exact moment I needed it.

I realized then that I had been so caught up in my (and others') problems. These issues had been weighing heavily upon my mind, heart, and soul, and I SO wanted to be free of 'em. Almost all of the questions, needs, and hopes I had in my heart/mind I had NO control over. Nada.

And those of you who know me really well know that I am super patient, not bossy, and love others to do things their way and not my way.

{that was a huge sarcastic joke right there}

Anyways, long story short: I had NOT been waiting upon the Lord. At all. I wanted what ever it was MY way. In MY timing. And I wanted to do it all by MY self. And it was going to all happen MY way.

In case you're wondering, it does NOT work well to do it that way ;)

After lots of fasting, prayer, reading of that talk numerous times (again), and turning things ALL the way over to the Lord and trusting HIM with it all, I felt at peace. Happy. Excited. And very okay with whatever it was the Lord had in store for me (and for those whom I was praying for).

Well, we have exciting news!! (And it's all because the Lord is blessing us. Heavenly Father does pour out his miracles, blessings, and tender mercies....we just have to wait and be patient for them!)

1. We bought a new car. A shiny, beautiful, lovely car.

(it all worked out, of course. Took forever, but it was worth it--such a great price for such a good car!)

2. Jared applied for and got into the U of U.
(Wahoo!! Didn't love his job, and decided school would be a good choice)

3. We are moving to Salt Lake City. Jared moves tomorrow. I move on April 3rd.

4. My husband will be going back to school to get his Master's degree in Computer Science.
(so SO proud of him! It was no easy decision, but he'll rock it!)

5. All of my jobs (3) transfer to the new state/city.

6. Two of my sister(s) are moving (to different places).

7. My sister is having a healthy, baby boy in about a month.

8. My family is doing splendidly.

The Lord loves us. He always has, but His love has been so apparent recently. Probably because I gave up trying to run my life and being super impatient. Heavenly Father is SO patient with me, and for that I am grateful.

In a related note, we just finished reading the Book of Mormon in 90 days as a stake, and completed a huge ward project that culminated in an entire day at the temple doing family names we all found (all around the same time at the end of February). There were over 810 names found!!! We were family history consultants, so it was neat to not only do our OWN work, but to be able to participate and help others in theirs.

We are truly, and deeply blessed.

Everything GOOD that has come into my life has come because I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and try my best to keep His commandments. When I do that, and then wait upon HIM for His timing and will to be manifest, life is SO SO much better and happier.

Cheers to change. To life. To love. To truth.

Word. We're moving to SLC!