living the fairytale

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Life Right Now

Well, with that blog post title, what are ya looking to hear about? See? ;)

We're both working. A lot.

We both have after 8 p.m. off. 

And we spend most of our time together eating, laughing, going on walks, and chillin'. I am SO grateful I have a husband who understands that I am a homebody, and we don't always need to be 'out' doing things. Love that.

{picnic-ing. he seems happy to have his picture taken, no?}

We have, however, gone to see some movies, eaten with friends & family, done some shopping, and gone to the downtown SLC Farmer's Market as of late.

{Me with my amazing companion from the mission. I saw her 2 days before her little boy was born!}

In general:

My life: work, teach fitness classes, train for my Half IronMan, work on fitness blog, read (scriptures, + tons of other books), cook (sometimes), sleep (lots), go to church & prep for & teach Gospel Doctrine, and play -swimming, etc.

{BodyPUMP. Love teaching that class.}

{Church together.}

Jared's life: work, play with his new birthday gift (I am such a nice starts with an -i and ends in -pad....), read, eat, get ready for school (in the Fall), and church responsibilities. 

Being married to my best friend who just 'gets' me is the coolest thing ever. And I love any time I can get with him! Even if it's eating a simple dinner on a Tuesday night after a long day. :)

We're so in love, and yet so simply doing life's tasks. He makes them all the much better for me, that is for sure!

{For example: He left a note in my shoe early this a.m. before I left for a spin class. He's the best!}