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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Work Trip 2012

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to go to Cincinnati for a work conference. 

It was definitely a busy few weeks leading up to the conference, as I got to prepare for presentations, fitness classes, and fishbowl discussions that I would be leading & participating in.

But it was worth it!! The conference was AMAZING.

3 days of motivating messages, awesome people, delicious food (tons of fruits & veg), great experiences, fun workouts, and great sessions.

Plus, I came back with a hundred new friends!

They even took us all on a riverboat cruise + dinner. WOW.

I work with some amazing women!

It was a great week!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Half IRONMAN Training Begins

Hey there! We've been nonexistent around here because:

a. We're both super busy at work
b. I've been busting out fitness classes all over the SLC/Sandy/Murray area

{dinner at Cafe Rio for our anniversary. My head is cut off--and that's a good thing. My hair was a greaseball after teaching Zumba. Sexy, yes?!}

c. I have a work conference to attend next week
d. I am speaking 4 different times at said work conference...... (AHH!)
e. I've been coaching my very own clients like mad (LOVE doing this) . And we're (our business is) finally in the positive. Wahoo!
f. I signed up for a Half IRONMAN

About that last one. Yeah, it's really happening. And I might be just a TAD scared.

Here's my I am half smiling but also scared face:

{semi scared mostly greasy hair face. Awesome.}

The Half IRONMAN is in August, so I have 3 months to train.

I am excited, yes. Like REALLY stoked! But this is going to test my limits in many ways. I kinda can't wait, really.....

I am a weirdo and I like doing hard things. 


"May the odds be EVER in my favor." Seriously.