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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Amaryllis + Cookie Smarts

Thanks for all your sweet comments on our last post. We embrace change, even though it can be scary at times! 

We've been cleaning, organizing, packing, and having fun lately.


SO grateful for those who have served, are serving, and will serve to keep us and our country safe. We admire and bless you and your families!

Check out Jared's mom's amaryliis:

she bloomed!
I love amaryllises(i?). 

Jared got me some when we were dating....

pretty huh??

they are relatively easy to take care of too!

In other news:

I made chocolate chip cookie dough awhile ago and froze them in balls:

for easy baking and later consumption.

smart, eh??

baked and ready to eat!!

Have a GREAT holiday!

Monday, May 23, 2011

No More Planning

You know how you always have a 'plan' for what you're going to do next? Well, at least I always have.
I had a plan for where I was going to school, what I was going to study, what kind of guy I was going to marry, how many kids I was going to have, and on and on and on....

I am a PLANNER. I love and adore my planner book. I write everything in it. Even my workouts (which I plan in my head, no matter what), grocery lists, and book wish list. 

Call me crazy, but I like having a plan!
When I graduated with my Master's degree in Exercise Sciences I fully expected to get a great job, (and possibly move there for it), yadda yadda. 

However, I always knew deep down in my own heart that I wanted to have/own/operate my very own health and fitness coaching and teaching (classes) website at SOME point (I figured it would be later, after working a 'normal' job). 

BUT, I also knew (and was told), when you get a degree, you get a conventional job. That's what everyone does. Right??


My husband and I are doing things differently. It is different than the plan I had formulated long ago in YW (which by the way, the 'husband' list I had....yeah, totally wrong for me. And Jared is perfect for me!)

It is different from what siblings, friends, and parents have done. 

And you know what, that is totally okay! Because we feel amazing about the decisions we've made, the future that is ours, and the dreams, aspirations, and goals we're going to reach.

Call us crazy, but we're going to LIVE our life the way we feel God is directing it to be. Jared and I have both been blessed with specific talents, gifts, and desires. So we have decided to combine them all to create (a) successful business(es). 

**Be on the lookout for its unveiling, shortly! <-----hopefully 2-3 weeks 

All I can say is this: God is good, so when we feel good about something, we need to go for it, because that is essentially us feeling 'God' within us. 

The spirit, revelation, good feelings, God within, Tao, or the Great Being....whatever you want to call Him, has specific purposes for each of us. Some are conventional, and some are not.

Jared and I are completely happy with doing things a tad differently than some. You can judge, name call, point fingers, or mock, but we know what we have been created for, what gifts have been given to us, and what blessings we have already received to enable us to do certain things that God has in HIS plan for us (but was not necessarily our plan several months ago).

Funny how things always work out, right? It is not coincidence that certain people, things, products, and blessings have come to us at this time. And for that we are super grateful!

God was patient with us as He prepared us to accept and believe in His promises and purpose(s) for us. Hallelujah, we finally listened, putting 'our' plan to the wayside.

Sometimes you just gotta have faith, jump in, and reach your dreams.

We are beyond stoked.

"True peace consists in NOT separating ourselves from the will of God." ---Thomas Aquinas

Monday, May 16, 2011


 Hey! Happy May and Spring time. Utah has decided to go ADD on us with the ONE day it feels like Spring. The next : like Winter.

Oh well.

We enjoyed some nice weather while backpacking Escalante, at least!

hiking in the Narrows (in Southern Utah's Escalante area)

lovebirds ** (Jared and me)

we were almost done...can you tell our excitement?? ha.

I made it! (we made it!) This was a killer awesome trip :)

Some other favorite things of late:

having color again on my face (when the sun decides to shine):

Buying a brand new belt that I LOVE.

And eating frozen yogurt after a movie....without any makeup on :)

And eating homemade (sorta) popcorn AT said movie.

bring your own in your purse!
Some things make us REALLy happy. Like the outdoors. Frozen yogurt (okay that is just me). Spending time with each other. The sun (just me again!). And enjoying new accessories ( again).

Oh and being in love. 

I love being in love <3

Nothing says love MORE than a man who leaves pink hearts all over my stuff after he's left for a mountain biking adventure!

I married a keeper.

And I miss him! Like a lot. I am a very independent person, so this is a weird/cool feeling to miss someone SO much. Jared, I hope you're having fun, and I can not wait until you're back in my arms again!
(sorry to get sappy. but it is true!)

If you want to call me to keep me company, I'd love it :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's DAY

Happy Mother's DAY to the best moms in the world!

We love you!

And Happy Mother's DAy to all our sisters, friends, cousins, friends, future-moms-to-be, and currently pregnant friends/siblings!!!!