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Thursday, March 31, 2011

iChat Goodness

ichat, imovie, ibooks, imac, i, I, I.......

We live in a world of technology and that is a huge blessing (and can be a huge curse if you let it be).

In my eyes, it's been a huge blessing in the form of spending time with my dear sister, Sara.

She is a doll. She is hilarious. She is super sweet. She is 17. And she does have Down's Syndrome.
Us, Oct 2010
Some think this is so unfortunate for her and us. I say to them, that is completely FALSE. Untrue. And actually, the opposite is the truth. She is is the one who teaches us patience, love, and kindness-not the other way around. I have learned a lot from her and I love her.

Well, it to happens that my love for my little sister Sara and my love for Zumba AND my love for my imac all combine into......

iChat ZUMBA classes!

Twice weekly Sara and I iChat. Well actually, we do Zumba via iChat. It rocks. It is super fun and hilarious. We just shake it in front of our computer screens and we don't think a thang about it!

Try it sometime- get on iChat with a friend or family member and just DANCE!

You'll be grateful for technology :)

Can you tell we just had a hilarious, rockin' Zumba sesh together?? Love you Sara!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Epic SKI Vacation

We just got back from a fabulous vacation with my family. We skiied Brighton for 4.75 days and it was Ahhhhhmazzzzing! Everyone was there minus Jason (in Med school) and Martin (little bro on a mission in Chile).

Loved the snow. Loved the company. Loved the location. Loved the new powdery snow! Loved seeing my munchkins (nieces and nephews). Loved staying up to hang with the siblings. Loved skiing the slopes in the early morn with Jared. Loved eating my sibling's dinner creations. Loved that my parents are so incredible. Did not love not getting enough sleep and being cold or having to pee too often.

It was amazing--in a nutshell:
 2 PURE powder days.
1 Blizzard day. (reaaalllly cold)
1 Church-going Sunday (we walked about 33 steps to church).
1 day of ski-renting, food buying, moving in, driving, flying in (siblings + parents)
1 day of just me and Caroline time
1 day of SUNNY slopes
1 day of Provo goodness with the parents
1 evening (tonight) of missing it and them all :(

Some pics for your viewing pleasure. (Warning- overload of pictures. You will miss us and our hilariousness. And those beautimus slopes.)
Tangled in 3-D?? Oh yes, baby!

a 1/64th of the amount we had to buy....
costco people were afraid of us and our THREE carts


Caroline and Me

an Annette-inspired (from Alisha's fixins for) dinner

me and Jared! It was cold (in my defense for the outfit)

3 of us sisters (there are 6)

macs and apple products were a HUGE hit by the kids (it was not weird to see the babies playing with an ipad or an i touch....)

sunrise from our balcony!

sparkly snow


If you are a Bailey fan, check out Caroline's blog for a great story about our fabulous sister Sara. She keeps us smiling, humble, and def. on our toes :) 

It was an incredible vacation, thanks to my parents. Thanks mom an dad! They are the bombdotcom!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Day

We had a happy weekend full of friends, fun, the temple, good food (+ a very crazy explosive cake story), wedding, tender mercies, haircut, workouts, and work :)

Also, good news: I am now a Certified Wellness Coach (CWC)!!!
So you can just add the letters B.S., M.S., and CWC after my name, thank you very much :)

**I am slightly kidding....I am sort of humble. haha. Please realize this all took a LOT of work (and support from parents, family, and husband!!) I really do just want to say that I am grateful for all my education and opportunities given me-- I am (we are) very blessed!


Crazy Cake explosion:

it turned out okay on the inside, I guess!! It was in honor of BYU :)
I won TWO different giveaways at blogs. Here and Here. SOO excited (I won a homemade St Patty's table runner and a homemade apron!) And taught Zumba (I need me some 'dancin' and booty shakin') several times. It has been a great week so far!

Today is Pi Day (you know 3.14.....the math thingee--and it is 3/14 today) So go make a pie.

I am still on the job search. Yipppeeee. Lucky me.

I finished two fabulous books this week (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Pie Peel Society and The Secret Life of Bees)
I am in love with my husband (what's new?!). He is amazing.

And I am grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who cares about ME! :) And sends tender mercies to me because He loves me. What tender mercies have you seen in your life recently? 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Call Us...

....Movie Connoisseurs. 
We love movies. We love cuddling up on the couch and watching movies from the computer (hello online Netflix!!) or t.v. (that works too) 
This weekend we saw THREE movies. 3 people. We lead exciting lives, I told you!

Movie #1 : State of Play
It was kinda scary. Definitely a thriller. It is a mystery with some legal, business, and politics intertwined. Very fascinating! Had some really good acting (and actors) in it. 

Movie #2: Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time
Also very entertaining. It had a lot of action and war scenes in it. Plus some romance and quite a bit of family feuding. If you ever wanted to know one of the stories where Disney's Aladdin came from, this movie can help you out. It was fun discovering where some of the characters from Aladdin were gleaned from.... Go watch it and tell us what you think--we thought it a fun, date movie. 

Movie #3 : The Proposal
We thought this movie was hilarious. But it is kinda awkward because the premise is SO weird. I will spare you details, but this too was really entertaining and a great date movie (for married couples--it is funnier). I laughed quite a bit (as did Jared) and I really love Sandra Bullock in almost any movie she's ever been in (that I've seen).

Hope you liked the informal movie review :) We also do other things, don't worry. Like read, work, play, cook/bake (sort of....), teach, work out, and sleep!! SO exciting, I am tellin' ya. 
But really it is--because I get to do it all with my best friend and amazing husband, Jared. 

Really, last night he was such a gem and just held me as I cried about something really dumb and not even that serious or find a man who can deal with emotions, mmm k?

Have a great Mardi Gras, friends :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shenanigans + Giveaway

Because our life is Oh so exciting, I decided to display what we've been up to and the latest exciting news in our lives in a photo essay: 
trip to the temple on a snowy afternoon

I love the temple

baked whole wheat banana bread- and it was light and fluffy!
A miracle (it is usually hard and not fluffy)

some to share and giveaway to friends/dessert parties

my beloved Emma, the Amarylis (from Jared) bloomed!!

she is SO pretty, no?
An update on that gift my husband gave me : love, love this book. I recommend it to everyone and anyone. It has enhanced my perspective on my relationship with Heavenly Father and Christ. It has also helped to strengthen my resolve against Satan's attacks of fear, despondency, negativism, and self-doubt that too often rail me and leave me hurt, angry, and frustrated.  I love how President Ezra Taft Benson once said, " As the showdown between good and evil approaches with its accompanying trials and tribulations, Satan is increasingly striving to overcome the Saints with despair, discouragement, despondency, and depression" This is it, my friends. We CAN overcome those horrid thoughts and feelings Satan so badly wants us to feel.

It has not been a super awesome feeling to be only part-time employed and not getting answers (YET) of where we're moving and what we'll be doing work-wise. However, I have received a lot of strength, love, encouragement, and peace as I let God take over this uncontrollable situation. It is amazing how this book came at the perfect time during a particular struggle for me. Thanks to my fabulous man for getting it for me--he is such a gem. p.s. if you can't tell I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone reading this book.

**Here is one quote (of many!) that I love from the book: "God's love is not something we earn, no matter how hard we try or how high we run up the scoreboard. God's love is 'freely given' to all who will believe, come unto Christ, and endure." (p.85, Defined By Christ -Toni Sorenson)

Let His love be your guiding light and your strength. We all struggle, but there is peace and happiness and a whole lot of love as we turn to Him, the one who knows best how to help.

GiveAWAY time:
Friends, head over to This amazing WEBSITE, enter to win and get yourself some goodies!! Let me know if you decide to follow the blog -because those goodies look amazing. Plus, it is a fun website full of ideas for parties, DIY projects, and hosting/holiday fun. Click the SoFestive button on the RIGHT--->