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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

May your days be merry & bright--and filled with love, hope, and peace from our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

SLACKER-SnapShots of November

I am a slacker on this blog. I am so sorry to all 3 of you who read it. ;)

November was a wonderful month! It was seriously fabulous.

-I got a haircut (LOVE!!)
-went to a mountain cabin with the husband for a romantic getaway
-I attended an awesome fitness event
-ate at a salad/soup bar complete with free ice cream (YUMM)
-my birthday happened<--Jared made it super special for me <3
-fun date nights with Jared were amazing (Cafe Rio, movies, dinners, fro yo)
-spent 11 days in StL with my family(!!!!!)
-enjoyed Thanksgiving
-family pictures (another post)
-Festival of Trees with my man
-Uhhh I worked. And taught fitness classes. Lots.
-Lights on Temple Square with Jared's fam!! fun!
-and other random amazingness (reading, napping, etc.)

I feel very blessed. Just because I don't post stuff doesn't mean I don't feel lucky, blessed, and watched over by my Heavenly Father. 

I don't necessarily always feel the need to shout out to the world what I've done, what I've experienced, and/or the tender mercies that the Lord has blessed me with, but I do want you all to know that He lives. He loves me & you. And He cares VERY much about the details of our lives. My life is living proof of this.

Now, as usual, photo dump time. ENJOY!

SnapShots of November

{I couldn't resist. Isn't he hot?! I love that sweater on him.}

{me with the VP of Fitness for 24Hr. Yah. I felt cool}

{pre-birthday ice cream}

{my husband is the best}

{I don't like any lights while Jared fixed it for me!}

{hey Sara!} :)

My mom has chickens...and all 3 of my nephews (Lara's kids), chased & held them. HI-larious.

{cold photo opp}


{my contribution: cookie cake pie. amazing}

{love my family}

{oh hey T-day dessert plate. I owned this.}

We held a baby shower for Caroline!!!

We had family pictures!

We painted nails!

We went on walks!


{waiting for their gift exhange. SOOO freaking cute.}

{oh hey}

Time at the StL Science Center.


And sadly, the fun had to end... :( Lara's fam & I were on the same plane though, so the "fun" was extended for 3 hours. 

I don't know if I could ever fly with kids. Wow. Just wow.

I admire anyone who does!
{it was fun to be a part of it though.}

Festival of Trees in Sandy

Temple Square lights

I am one lucky, blessed, and happy lady.

Thank you family (not everyone wants to be on the blog, sorry if you wanted to see more) for being amazing & making the trip to StL<--for some it was a looonnngg drive! SOO glad we were all together. We missed Jacob who is on his mission, but he's where the Lord needs him.

I have amazing parents, fabulous siblings, great in-laws, adorable nieces/nephews, cute animals in StL, and one freaking amazing, compassionate, hilarious & studly husband. 

What a lovely November that was with the people I love & adore!!