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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

your LAST chance to score some cookies....

we'll get to how to score some cookies in a second....check this out first,
during our 11 days on vacation in StL with family:

we both got deathly ill (my husband more so than me)
stayed up WAY too late each night hangin' with the siblings and parents (but don't regret it one bit)
played with the nieces and nephews for countless hours
ate delicious salads, wraps, turkey, pumpkin everything, cookie-cake-pie-ice cream, and cranberry salad
slept, ate, and laughed our way through my parents' home
thoroughly enjoyed Zumba with the sisters daily (side note: this was just me, not the husband)
had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with ALL my siblings (excluding a brother on a mission)
swam, played, and read with siblings/nieces/nephews
slept in WAY past any normal hour (hello 11:45 a.m.?!)
stayed in PJs all day long just for the heck of it
watched the kiddos and some adults take a whack at a homemade pinata

nursed my sick sick husband back to health (with the help of my parents)
visited my amazing dad's new office 
more shopping and laughing ensued 
saw Harry Potter 3 in theatres (LOVED it), watched Toy Story 3 at home on the big-screen
had to say good-bye to the most amazing parents and siblings on the planet (not to mention the cutest nephews and nieces ever)
HOW is that for some amazing 11 days?? We are VERY blessed.

the whole clan (minus my missionary brother)
Okay back to how to score cookies....we want to hear what you're grateful for these last few days of November. You could SCORE some cookies if you leave a comment, become a follower, and tell us what YOU are grateful for.
Here is our list from the past few days:

Nov. 28th: We were very grateful for Church meetings with the family in StL. I LOVE sitting with my family at my home ward (to learn more click "My Faith" button on the left)
Nov 29th: We were grateful for kind parents who purchased Christmas decorations, chocolate, and other goodies for us to take back to UT.
Nov 30th: Today we were grateful for good pilots, extra security space to get us through the airport faster, a warm car, each other, and having had a wonderful vacation in StL.

What are YOU very grateful for this last day of November? We are truly excited about the Christmas season, the decorations, the excitement, the lights, the beautiful snow (hello WHITE Utah to greet us today!), family, Christ, service, and so much more!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Grateful weekend to YOU

a section of our Thanksgiving table
Happy late Thanksgiving! We were celebrating with my family and thus did not post at all this me AND my husband got pretty sick (he is still somewhat sick: gastroenteritis. It is even worse than it sounds. boo)

 Here are some things we've been grateful for since last week (and extra bonus, I am grateful for my husband tucking me in on the eve of Nov 18th...) :
all tucked in
Nov 19: We were very grateful for my Master's thesis being turned in, a successful BodyPump launch, and a safe flight to my home in StL
Nov 20: We were grateful for sleeping in......
Nov 21: We were grateful for the Sabbath and seeing friendly faces again (to see more, click the "My Faith" button)
my cute nephew
Nov 22: What a great day to be thankful for hot showers and a comfy bed
Nov 23: We had delicious homemade pizza and gobbled it right up. SO grateful for sisters who can cook! Also, for my Master's Thesis being ACCEPTED for DEFENSE in December!!!
Nov 24: We were grateful for our health because on this day, we both got deathly ill. LAME
little sis with a nephew
Nov 25: We were grateful for my ENTIRE family being home together for Thanksgiving day (except my brother who is serving a mission for our church in Chile). It was a FABULOUS day and dinner!
with a homemade pilgrim hat
Nov 26: We were grateful for dancing with siblings, white elephant gift exchange, late night chats with the siblings, and lots of delicious leftovers
Nov 27: Today we are grateful for the chance to serve and to have enough. We are also very grateful for my wonderful parents who are currently hosting over 20 people in their home :) They wouldn't have it any other way.
My parents gifted us an advent calendar!
We are SO excited
What have you been thankful for this last week? We'd love to hear it!!
 Again, thanks for leaving comments and following only have approx. 2 more posts to do so and have a chance to SCORE yummy chocolate chip cookies!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

INSANITY + grateful part 3

Love the title, much? I sure do because it perfectly describes our life right now....yet we are very grateful for all the opportunities thrown our way.

Nov 12. We were grateful for the temple : the peace, answers, and blessings found there can not be found elsewhere. (Want to know more? Click on the link on the left side that says "My Faith") What better place to go than the one which reminds you of your wedding to the man of your dreams?!
Our Wedding DAY

Nov 13. I was SUPER grateful for a getaway to Park City with my man. Complete with swimming, hot tubbing, birthday presents, streamers on my door (a Bailey birthday tradition), healthified carrot cake, and family. Wonderful, wonderful day!

Nov 14. My husband was grateful I was born on this day! haha. I adore birthdays and my husband pampered me crazy-I am one lucky gal (more on that to come)

Nov 15. We were grateful for pillow talk-this day was NuTtY. Oh wait, the whole week has been....

Nov 16. He was grateful for a nice, hot shower and I was grateful for a professor who was very patient with me....he still is, because the thesis is not done. YET. 

Nov 17. We were grateful to answers to prayers and I was super grateful for a successful 'practice BodyPump class'!! (We launch it TOMORROW at 24 HR!)

Nov 18. I was especially grateful for computer, the Internet, and jump drives, as I spent ALL day (minus the 3 hours I taught classes) typing, re-writing, editing, uploading, and managing documents for my Master's thesis (the thesis I turn in TOMORROW might I add, for review, before I can schedule my final defense)

It has been CRAZY around here, so we sure are grateful to head to St. Louis, TOMORROW (have you noticed yet-- the theme......tomorrow is a HUGE day for us) for 11 days of family fun, Thanksgiving, and good times. Hallelujah! 

What are YOU thankful for? We want to hear it....and YOU want cookies. Follow us, leave a comment, and you might score some delicious fresh-baked cookies.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

for my birthday, TODAY....

.....check HERE
Happy Birthday to me! :) I feel very loved. More exciting posts to come about such a great day and weekend. I love my family and friends and especially my husband!
p.s. the post was made by my hilarious and sweet sista, Caroline

Thursday, November 11, 2010

lovin' the grateful kick

I adore November :) I also really love reminding myself daily what I/we are thankful for. 

Nov. 8: We were very thankful for a great evening with neighbors (and delicious food, too!) Also this day, I loved my hot shower, working cell phone, and Christmas music.
we had spinach/Gruyere stuffed chicken
with whole wheat noodles!
Nov. 9: We are grateful for each other :) Jared mentioned he is grateful for his wife (when I asked him what he's most thankful for) awww. This day we were also grateful for fast Internet and a great car!
Nov. 10: This day we were grateful for compliments, the Book of Mormon, dreams, and adversity.
Nov. 11: I am especially grateful, today, for my Master's program and thesis. It IS hard work to write a thesis, but I am grateful for the experience, for what I've learned, and hopefully what it can do for me.
What ARE you thankful for this week? 

Remember, if you follow us, leave comments, and tell us what YOU'RE thankful for, you could score DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES! YUM

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grateful (part 1)

It IS November. The month which celebrates all things Thankful :) (and my birthday VERY soon) 
So we're going to be grateful and share it with y'all, okay?!
It has been 6 days already and we'll do one to count on (for tomorrow).
Nov. 1: I am grateful for sleep and its ability to allow my body to heal from the torture it went through (heinous workouts, too much candy, and not enough good sleep, anyone?!)
Nov. 2: I am grateful for the classes I get to teach. I absolutely LOVE teaching fitness and making others work harder than they normally would themselves.
Nov 3: We're grateful for a temple nearby. Well actually, several temples nearby. Want to know more? Click on the tab to the left that says "my faith"
Nov. 4: We're grateful for indoor plumbing because it is freakin' cold outside and I have a small bladder! See more on that HERE 
Nov. 5: We're very grateful for wonderful neighbors who lend a helping hand when in need. Plus, we're grateful for our love and that we're married now-hello awesome cuddling and a warm bed!
Nov. 6: We're grateful for the sunshine and cell phones. 'Nuff said, right?
Nov. 7: We're already grateful for an extra hour of sleep. Yep, even I can't get enough sleep!

What are you grateful for so far this month?! We want to hear, so leave a COMMENT. We know you read about us : )  Oh and JUST for fun (and so my husband can get some cookie dough), leave a comment and by the end of the month we'll randomly select a winner (must leave a comment on each grateful post to win---so follow us, read up on our exciting lives, leave comments, etc) and you could
score some yummy cookies.
*Leave a comment AND *score cookies by the end of the month, what could be easier?! Now that can be something to be grateful for!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween...Perkins style

and we are....PENGUINS! in-love penguins at that!
We thought we were pretty hilarious!!! By the way, Halloween is WAY more fun with kids around- just throwin' it out there! (and no, we did not magically have kids-) we spent the weekend with Jared's parents, siblings, niece/nephews. A smattering of photos follows- we had a lovely weekend, hope you did too!
my husband hangin' out before our debut
isn't this great?!
we're trying to kiss here

and he's proud of his penguin wifey!!
hello penguins!

he got so excited about holding me, he stepped out of the picture!

he is so hot in a bow tie- yah? :) I think SO

sportin' the good ole' black/orange combo on Sunday (notice my shoes and his tie)
mummified hot dogs at dinner (I helped make them, did not help eat them-Jared said they were good, though)

my festive fireplace is behind us....HAHA j/k-MEL is the master crafter! love this lady!
(we partied it up at her place late Sunday) check out her cute blog HERE
Jared's sister, bro-in-law, and niece/nephews
all of us dressed up-Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Didn't you love the Penguin idea?! It came from my dad and little sis, actually. My dad was a penguin last year (yep, Jared wore his costume), and my 10-year-old sis let me borrow hers. By the way-I didn't have the feet b/c she couldn't find hers (and she wears like kid size 6 anyways)...Thanks to Dad and little sis for lettin' us borrow their costumes for this holiday! What were you for Halloween?!