living the fairytale

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Spontaneity: the art of being spontaneous. The act or impulse to do something different than originally planned.

Last night we acted out of complete spontaneity and went with what WE wanted to do, instead of what we thought we should do (i.e. we hadn't been home in several hours-it had been a long day already....)

We went to a dinner (sponsored by the church) and then listened to a speaker talk about marriage and the various differences in men and women (and how that plays a huge role in marriage- duh!). It was interesting stuff. The saddest part, however, was learning that most women spend 63% of their total thinking time WORRYING. (Men spend 50% of their total time thinking about sex....) Are you a worrier? I sure hope I don't waste that much time worrying-geez.

So, the dinner was great, the lesson/talk fabulous, and the company spectacular! We met a lot of great people and then we spontaneously ended up at a frozen yogurt shop and then at the movie theatre with this other couple. Holler! new friends :)

We saw the third installment of the Chronicles of Narnia with them and it was marvelous! Very thick with religious connotations, cool scenery, and really fun action scenes. I recommend it to anyone who likes being entertained at the movies (uhhhh, that would be everyone!)

I did not take a single picture last night.....but you still love me anyways, right? (hence the random assortment of photos of me and my hunny)

I am grateful for a husband who likes being spontaneous and can teach me that going to bed at 10:00 p.m. isn't always the best option----there are entertaining events that can happen later at night, even when you're married ;) 

p.s. my husband bought me a really sweet gift: a book. It is called "Defined by Christ" and it is absolutely amazing. I am only 20 pages in and I already recommend it to anyone and everyone! This is a must read. Thank you babycakes :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Holiday weekend

I have been working like a maniac. My husband has been working like a maniac. Lucky for us there was a holiday weekend planned for right when we'd need a re-fueling done :)

Want to hear about it? I thought so.....

Friday: Drop off the husband at work, teach 1 fitness class, take 1 fitness class. Work on projects/work at home/other exciting stuff. Taught another fitness class. Pick up husband. Pack. Drive to Centerville. Load up with his family and drive to Bear Lake. Stay up WAY too late for my health (I like my sleep, thank you!)-but it was fun. Go to bed in a very cold cabin because the heater broke. I died. My husband cuddled up to me and actually kept me pretty warm :)

I love when men play with kids.....awwww
Saturday: Worked a booth at a fair promoting 100% certified PURE essential oils. Pure joy sharing natural health products with other people :) Drove to Logan with the fam. Attended a beautiful sealing for a cousin in the Logan temple. Ate Costa Vida at the luncheon. Drove to Bountiful. Took a nap. Played with the kiddos. Watched Robin Hood with the adults and munched on popcorn. Fell into bed--this time in a warm one. 

the family whose sealing we attended. Beautiful. The woman is Jared's cousin :)

Sunday: Church in Centerville for 3 hours. Leftovers for lunch. Read, hang out. Play with kiddos. Dinner party with the fam (happy birthday to Maren!) Presents. Cheesecake (I had ice cream b/c I loath cheesecake). Play games. Pack. Drive to Provo. Unpack. BED!!

WHEW. I think that was exactly the kind of vacation we were looking for ;) Anyone else love just escaping real life for 2-3 days, even if that escape involves a lot of running around, driving, parties, booth handling, and late nights? 
church!! Jared has a split lip. NO, I did not bite him ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the "unperfect" Valentine's

I had the day all planned perfectly. 
My day would also include lots of red/pink foods because I love celebrating holidays by eating/serving foods in accordance to the holiday's colors. Naturally. 

see evidence of my lunch below:
lots of pink and red! Baked sweet potato with ketchup, spinach salad with Raspberry Balsamicall on a cute red plate!
 On with my later plans:
I'd surprise my husband with an amazing home-cooked meal he loves. We went out on another evening/afternoon to avoid the madness of V-Day eve....
We'd enjoy the night together.

Enter in my HUGE mistake. I mean MAJORly huge.
I set the oven at the wrong heat.
I got busy doing other things.
I was not paying attention to the oven AT ALL.

AHHHHH burnt to a CRISP

this one wasn't TOO bad....

 DO you even know what the dinner was SUPPOSED to be?!

Homemade HEART pizzas. That is what.

Bless my heart (haha no pun intended), for INTENDING to make it from the heart, right?!

actually, bless my husband's heart. He still ate it and ENJOYED it.
(some small scraping ensued to rid part of his pizza of black charred stuff. Weird, how that got there

Anyone else have an "unperfect" Valentine's day??
by the way-my husband and I thought it was still delicious, semi-edible,
and had a fabulous evening together, thank you :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's DAY

I love this day.

It includes my favorite color....PINK.
It is like today, automatically, everyone is allowed to wear pink. Men, the elderly, women who swear off pink....all are included. 

NOW who had PINK or RED in their breakfast?

oatmeal with PINK raspberry jam in it!

my husband scattered these throughout the entire house!

he is such a gem
notice the PINK on both of us :)

What color are YOU wearing today?

I thought so!

<3 Have a WONDERFUL Valentine's DAY! <3
I will be celebrating with the love of my life,  Jared!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

this happened....

One YEAR ago he asked me to marry him!!!

right before the snow shoeing, enagagement-ing, and SWAT-teaming (don't know the story? Just ask....)
I had NO idea what was to come that evening.....

SO surprised he asked that night!!

the ring-blurry. Most perfect ring for me!!
Lucky for him I said yes, right?! :)
HAHA. I am kidding. I am truly the lucky one. Jared is great for me because he meets my needs emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, etc. etc. He can make me laugh. He can make me smile. He can make the day SO much better when he is around. He even comforts me (doesn't laugh at me) when I drop things and cry uncontrollably about the ruined dish/item/food (I wish I were joking.....)

I am the lucky one because he asked me to marry HIM a year ago :) February 12th is by far ONE of my favorite memories.
I love you babe.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


most beautiful place in the world

Anybody else want to escape to the mountains of Switzerland?!

The job search is super fun, let me tell you. So many options. So much time (ha!) 
I think my resume is sprinkled throughout every state. 
In every kind of health promotion, health coaching, fitness expert, fitness professional, health and wellness job imaginable.
Yes I have heard from a few (fingers crossed please!!!!). And from a lot-NADA. And from a few-a nice "no thanks."

Looks like I am overqualified for SO many jobs (thanks to my Master's degree) and under-qualified for some jobs (thanks to being in school for forever).....

Wouldn't you, as an employer, give me a chance? :) 

If you were me what would YOU do? And if you have been in my place, what DID you do?

As a side note, I did quit my job as a business/sales consultant because I was bored out of my eyeballs and not chasing my passion. I am a HUGE believer in living and working in your passion. I am praying mightily that my passion aligns with a great opportunity.....soon :) Oh and on the side we are sharing 100% certified pure essential oils with others (let me know if you want to try 'em out we have samples out the wazooo) as they have changed our lives (literally). Complete and total wellness?? Count me in!!! Plus I LOVE my job teaching fitness classes at 24 HOUR Fitness!!

If you know of anything in my field- let me know and I will send my resume their way ;)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We (as a couple) really enjoy just "hanging out" at home.
Utah winters CAN be pretty!

Call us homebodies. Call us boring (we're not, in case you care!)
Call us movie lovers (we adore movies on a couch).
Call us newlyweds (anti-social-only-wanting-to-be-together).
Call us best friends (we are). 
Call us the Perkins.

BUT some days we really love us some 'on-the-town' fun.
Such fun includes: Cafe Rio and the Dollar Theatre. 
We are cool, we know :)

Cafe Rio Chicken Salad. Best SALAD around!!
Social Network, the movie (we thought it was pretty good)
SO riveting! It was IN-tense my friends

And recent eats we've enjoyed at home: 

homemade hot chocolate on a cold day

Snickerdoodle and Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with black bean brownie
We are a happy couple my friends :) 

In case you care, I dislike one of my jobs and am quitting this week.
I am in the running for several "real" jobs all over the country.....
Keep your FINGERS, toes, hands, and eyebrows crossed for me.
I'd appreciate it.
Have a GREAT weekend!