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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bailey Family HouseBoat Trip 2012

Oh boy. I am wayyyy behind on the blog, but in my defense, June flew by. Like SO quickly. And it was packed full of awesomeness.

One of those things was the incredible trip I got to go on with my family! We spent 7 days on a houseboat on Lake Powell with my entire fam (minus 1 sis and her fam, 1 bro on a mission, and my husband who had to work. ALL were missed. Bad.)

Get ready for lots o' pictures. ENJOY!

Food was bought. Lots of it.

It took us 50 minutes to check out of the Super Walmart. I think that's a new record for that store!

I was SO excited to just relax and lay out!

Sisters felt the same. :)

'Our' perfect beach. Gorgeous!

Roasting s'mores and being silly!

My 'roommates'. Husband had to work (major boo). But these ladies rock!

The little kids lasted about 30 seconds in this position of sun tanning.

Apparently it's boring?! Who knew.

Lots and LOTS of popsicles were consumed during this HOT week. I think the count is around 250.....

I love my sisters!

Ahhh such delicious eats. Thank YOU daddy!

My brother and his adorable daughter.

Jason with a nephew. Cute!

Jason taught ALL how to fish right. I mean he is from Alaska. And he knows how it's done. BOOM.


Lots of fun was had!

In the water (4 of the 6 sisters)!

Cute niece, Emalyn.

Andrew caught a fish!

Sister love. 

Of course, I am standing by the food and drinks, ready for dinner! ;)

Brother and sister love.

My amazing dad and little sis!

Gorgeous, no?!

Sleepy nephew on a jet ski.

The kids trekkin' the canyons one evening.

And yes, I do eat frozen yogurt straight out of the carton. It was freakin' good.

With a cute nephew!

Awwww. That photographer's got skills.......she got them ALL to smile and look at once!

Breakfast one day. Mmmm salty and sweet!

I read tons, and ate even more popsicles in the hot sun.

Perfection to me!

We celebrate Father's Day a bit early, and surprised my incredible father.

He is amazing. (We got him a shirt of the kids in each of our professions, and called it "The Bailey Brains." Genius, I know)

My amazing sisters and sister-in law, baked the cake on top of the grill!!


The neighbor boat on 'our beach'. Such great people!

Building a castle.

Our boat.

Oh hi. 

4 of the 6 sisters (+ a nephew. Anna you were missed!! Elisa was somewhere playing).

LOVE watermelon! My dad bought one for every day. Smart, smart decision.

Sticking spoons to noses. Love it!

Love my Sara!


Such a great mom. 

Joe the awesome wakeboarder.

Adam trying to catch some rays....

Everyone relaxin' on the way to the marina.

Martin the stud.

Goodbyes are HARD.

I don't like saying goodbye, especially after such an AMAZING trip.

Gonna miss this little guy!

Wow, dad. Thank YOU. Such an awesome trip! I can't wait to go again next year. It was a magical 8 days, and it'll be even more so with a husband to join me! (Crossing fingers!)

**All pictures were put up because I had siblings who wanted to see 'em :) Hope you enjoyed this crazy, long post. Besides, pictures speak louder than words.