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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Well, on Saturday, August 25, 2012, I raced in a Half IronMan Triathlon.

And I didn't die!


I finished the 70.3 miles (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run) in under 7 hours (6:57:24 to be exact), and I couldn't be happier. (For a FULL recap and more pictures, go to The Utah Half Triathlon Race Recap) I went through a lot during that race....and I could NOT have done it without my amazing husband.

{right before the swim}

He was husband extraordinaire:
-bike checker
-bike riding partner in crime
-life saver (he stopped & helped my friend after her crash so I could keep riding)
-water bottle holder
-gel packet ripper-opener
-motivator (when I almost died)
-texter & phone caller to sisters throughout the race 
-bike shorts owner & loaner to me (so I had a bit of padding!) & renter of a nice bike for me
-most proudest fan
-best & biggest supporter of my goal

I am a lucky gal. 

I am a determined soul, so when I set out to do this goal, he was behind me 110%. I am SO lucky! I could NOT have done this without him, and I can't thank him enough.

So glad I did this! And very glad it's over. :)

{p.s. If anyone wants to do a Half IM, I'd be happy to do it as a relay in the future! :) (I'll swim & run, someone else bike). Mmmmmkay? }

Friday, August 24, 2012


Tomorrow I race.

I will race in a (first time ever for me) Half IRONMAN triathlon.

I am totally stoked (and have worked my butt off for this), but I am also wayyyyy nervous and slightly scared. But, I am going to just have FUN & enjoy it!

Cheers to doing NEW things & being outside your comfort zone. 


Monday, August 20, 2012

Ladies' Weekend, 2012

Thanks to an awesome dad & a fabulous mom, my 5 sisters, myself, and my mom all gathered at a cute cabin (thanks Joe + family) right on Lake Dillon, in picturesque Colorado, for a weekend of WOMEN time.

In case you care, it totally ROCKED.




Ice cream.

Pottery painting.

Women chatter.

Outlet Mall SHOPPING!!!!



Sister/mom time.

Sushi dinner.


A beautiful devotional on the porch.

Almond tasting party.

It was absolute perfection.

Okay.....maybe not. It probably would've been perfection if it had lasted an entire week (3 days was wayyyyy too short)! BUT, we took what we could get.

{Thanks to the men for keeping the kiddos at home, and in check.}

And THANK you mom&dad for always putting family & memories first. 

CHEERS for a very successful ladies' weekend!!

Anna-thank YOU for the awesome itinerary.
Lara--thank YOU for the delicious homemade bread.
Mom/Dad-thank YOU for buying us pizza, groceries, and out pottery pieces!
Caroline-thank YOU for laughing at my jokes--and sitting squished next to me in every car ride.
Sara-thank YOU for being awesome, and making us go the Gap. It was crucial. ;)
Elisa-thank YOU for your awesome sense of adventure & pretty smile.

Totally fabulous.

Now, when is the 2013 trip?! ;)

Monday, August 6, 2012

Bountiful Pioneer Parade

Hey, hey!

Life is good.

Lots of training.

{half IronMan in 3 weeks!! AHhhhhhhhhhhhh}



And working.

+ I went to the Bountiful Pioneer parade with my husband's family (end of August).

cute nephew, eh?!


July went by so fast!