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Monday, May 16, 2011


 Hey! Happy May and Spring time. Utah has decided to go ADD on us with the ONE day it feels like Spring. The next : like Winter.

Oh well.

We enjoyed some nice weather while backpacking Escalante, at least!

hiking in the Narrows (in Southern Utah's Escalante area)

lovebirds ** (Jared and me)

we were almost done...can you tell our excitement?? ha.

I made it! (we made it!) This was a killer awesome trip :)

Some other favorite things of late:

having color again on my face (when the sun decides to shine):

Buying a brand new belt that I LOVE.

And eating frozen yogurt after a movie....without any makeup on :)

And eating homemade (sorta) popcorn AT said movie.

bring your own in your purse!
Some things make us REALLy happy. Like the outdoors. Frozen yogurt (okay that is just me). Spending time with each other. The sun (just me again!). And enjoying new accessories ( again).

Oh and being in love. 

I love being in love <3

Nothing says love MORE than a man who leaves pink hearts all over my stuff after he's left for a mountain biking adventure!

I married a keeper.

And I miss him! Like a lot. I am a very independent person, so this is a weird/cool feeling to miss someone SO much. Jared, I hope you're having fun, and I can not wait until you're back in my arms again!
(sorry to get sappy. but it is true!)

If you want to call me to keep me company, I'd love it :)

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  1. You do have a keeper! =) And again, awesome hiking pictures! I'm jealous!