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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Michigan Vacation

Vacation with my family in Michigan was pretty close to perfect.

No major accidents, no ER visits, no car accidents, and one of the jet skis didn't die until the FINAL day on the lake (half way through the day, mind you). 

But we were missing a sister and brother in law who both had to work (sad day! But they were off being responsible, but were VERY missed!)

We all (each family) rendezvoused in Michigan to hit up Crystal Lake. We all drove (some longer hours than others), and settled into a huge cabin on the lake.

We were literally right on the lake!

We had great weather for 3/5 days, and the other two days we hit up blueberry picking, a cherry store, Lake Michigan, sand dunes, a quaint village (town?), and picnicked lunch.

schlepping a sleeping child all the way across the 'dunes. Serious man power.

at Lake Michigan

The other days were spent lounging about, waterskiing, 'trash' boarding, tubing (my personal fav--I mean who doesn't want to be flung from a high speed tube??), and reading/laying out.

the boys found this 'trash' board--made of styrofoam--that quickly became the most popular thing to play on and ride on (behind the jet ski with a tow rope! My husband was the first to do it.)

go hottie!

Lot of chill time was spent outside under the stars, sunsets, and rain. (Um, kidding on the last one....we went inside when it rained).

I got some work done in the evenings before dinner at the local library, borrowing their free wi-fi while sitting among the bugs. Score! Hey you take what you can get, ya know?! (P.s. I did get a sweet job as a personal health coach for a huge, nationwide insurance company. Saaawwweet :) ) 

And of course, great food was consumed.

homemade peach cobbler with fresh peaches! Yumm. Thanks Lara!

It was seriously a fabulous trip! 

A week on a lake with your family, hot husband, and the sun = awesomesauce. Would've only been better if my sister and her hubby had come too! (p.s. that's why there are TONS of pics, so they can 'be' there too!)

But it was truly excellent--and a great way to kick off the end of the Summer!


  1. Oh the Cherry Hut! My mouth is watering for that delicious salad and pie!!!! OH MY!!! jealous!!!

  2. Definitely looks like a pretty close to perfect vacation to me! Your family looks like a blast! And you can't go wrong with sun, sand, water, and good food along with a family that is a blast, can you?!

  3. THANK YOU FOR POSTING SO MANY PICTURES! Seriously, I really enjoyed looking at them because it made me happy to see my family enjoying time together. We wish we could have been there but tis life. Thanks again for making this post extra long so I would have extra pictures to look at. Love you!

  4. I love all these pictures! I enjoyed the vacation all over again! wow, those sunsets really were beautiful.... Thanks for posting all these pictures!

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  6. A great post about a great family vacation!

  7. I miss your family! It looks like a blast and all those berries are amazing!!! I want to eat them!

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