living the fairytale

Friday, October 14, 2011

Family Pictures

We took family pictures with Jared's family in September.

Wahoo :)

(more to come)

We sure did love spending time in Colorado. His family is fabulous! My biggest fear earlier on in life was that the guy I fell in love with wouldn't have a great family.....because I have an AMAZING family this was a huge concern.

However, with the Perkins, my nightmare became a dream. They are the bombdotcom! 

Three cheers for great in-laws :)


  1. i love how in the family pic where you're off in the distance you can tell it's you by the giant, white smile. : ) love love love it.

  2. How fun Annette:) You both look fabulous!

  3. Those are great family pictures! Jared does have a great family!