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Thursday, December 13, 2012

SLACKER-SnapShots of November

I am a slacker on this blog. I am so sorry to all 3 of you who read it. ;)

November was a wonderful month! It was seriously fabulous.

-I got a haircut (LOVE!!)
-went to a mountain cabin with the husband for a romantic getaway
-I attended an awesome fitness event
-ate at a salad/soup bar complete with free ice cream (YUMM)
-my birthday happened<--Jared made it super special for me <3
-fun date nights with Jared were amazing (Cafe Rio, movies, dinners, fro yo)
-spent 11 days in StL with my family(!!!!!)
-enjoyed Thanksgiving
-family pictures (another post)
-Festival of Trees with my man
-Uhhh I worked. And taught fitness classes. Lots.
-Lights on Temple Square with Jared's fam!! fun!
-and other random amazingness (reading, napping, etc.)

I feel very blessed. Just because I don't post stuff doesn't mean I don't feel lucky, blessed, and watched over by my Heavenly Father. 

I don't necessarily always feel the need to shout out to the world what I've done, what I've experienced, and/or the tender mercies that the Lord has blessed me with, but I do want you all to know that He lives. He loves me & you. And He cares VERY much about the details of our lives. My life is living proof of this.

Now, as usual, photo dump time. ENJOY!

SnapShots of November

{I couldn't resist. Isn't he hot?! I love that sweater on him.}

{me with the VP of Fitness for 24Hr. Yah. I felt cool}

{pre-birthday ice cream}

{my husband is the best}

{I don't like any lights while Jared fixed it for me!}

{hey Sara!} :)

My mom has chickens...and all 3 of my nephews (Lara's kids), chased & held them. HI-larious.

{cold photo opp}


{my contribution: cookie cake pie. amazing}

{love my family}

{oh hey T-day dessert plate. I owned this.}

We held a baby shower for Caroline!!!

We had family pictures!

We painted nails!

We went on walks!


{waiting for their gift exhange. SOOO freaking cute.}

{oh hey}

Time at the StL Science Center.


And sadly, the fun had to end... :( Lara's fam & I were on the same plane though, so the "fun" was extended for 3 hours. 

I don't know if I could ever fly with kids. Wow. Just wow.

I admire anyone who does!
{it was fun to be a part of it though.}

Festival of Trees in Sandy

Temple Square lights

I am one lucky, blessed, and happy lady.

Thank you family (not everyone wants to be on the blog, sorry if you wanted to see more) for being amazing & making the trip to StL<--for some it was a looonnngg drive! SOO glad we were all together. We missed Jacob who is on his mission, but he's where the Lord needs him.

I have amazing parents, fabulous siblings, great in-laws, adorable nieces/nephews, cute animals in StL, and one freaking amazing, compassionate, hilarious & studly husband. 

What a lovely November that was with the people I love & adore!! 



  1. that was quite the photo posting...

    love the new haircut. It frames your face so well! Good to see you over break! xoxoxo

  2. Gorgeous hair cut! All the food looks yummy too... my tummy is growling... I guess I should go eat lunch! I should know better than to look at your blog while I'm hungry:) Looks like another fun month! The Lord really is so good.