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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Husband's Birthday Fun

My lovely husband had a birthday!! 

I was out of town for it (I know, I know. What a horrible wife?!)

But in my defense, we did celebrate it like 3 different times before I left. :)

There was a family dinner in a park.

Complete with birthday sprays! 

Ice cream cookie cake I made. And yes, the ice cream did begin to melt. But it still tasted awesome.

And the birthday man's gift from niece/nephews!

There was a dinner date with me another night:

Dinner at Cafe Rio was requested by the birthday man.

And I was HAPPY to oblige. 

(We actually both have a serious love affair with that place.)

And other fun shenanigans that I never took pictures of.

Happy birthday to my amazing husband! He completes me so perfectly, and I am totally lucky to have him! Cheers for another amazing year ahead of us :)


  1. Happy birthday Jared! Thanks for being so awesome and being okay with Annette going on a trip over your birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Jared!!! Thanks for sharing Annette with us for your birthday --it was seriously cute to see how far she hiked up the canyon before she had enough cell reception to call you that day. =) that is love!