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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter + Graduation Festivities

As mentioned before, I DID it! I received my official M.S. degree.

I walked across the stage without tripping.

I wore really cute pink shoes, because shoes are the only thing you can see with that hideous robe on.
Barbie shoes!
It was a GRAND weekend with family, our parents, and friends.

SO fun.

Lots of laughter, food, celebration, and smiles.

I gave a talk on Sunday at Church for Easter. It went really well, because I let God and the Spirit take over. Jesus Christ is RISEN! He lives!

It has been a fabulous week already. I feel so SO much better!

Three cheers for the wonderful Spring and Summer weather headed our way!!

(p.s. my family is fine, their home or lives were not affected by the tornado that hit StL. They live about 12 miles away from the major devastation. They are lucky! And blessed!)

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