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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Conference Love + Grad Week

Hey, hey. I am grateful it is a new day, that I got to teach a fun BodyPUMP class, and that my house is half-way cleaned. YAH (I had to take a break and write, of course!)

Also grateful my parentals are coming this week for my graduation!!! Remember when I passed my Thesis Defense in December?? Well, this week I get to walk and receive my diploma for doing that (and finishing gradschool). Many thanks to my awesome parents, husband, and fam/friends who supported me throughout the whole experience.

So, my fav 2 weekends of the year are General Conference weekends. I sit and listen and ponder and take notes. And then I go back and listen and watch all of them over again!

I wanted to post my favorites for you all--they are inspired talks and gave me something to think about (and hopefully for you too!)

Elder Scott's talk on Marriage. I LOVED hearing him talk so sweetly and gently about his beloved wife. I am lucky to have a husband who reveres and loves me too! "Pure love is an incomparable, potent power for good. Righteous love is the foundation of a successful marriage."-Elder Scott

President Packer's talk on Guidance from the Holy Spirit. I needed to hear this to remind me of how I can act and do better to receive and follow the Spirit better."Everyone is tested. One might think it is unfair to be singled out and subjected to a particular temptation, but this is the purpose of mortal life—to be tested."-Elder Oaks

Elder Johnson's talk on Adversity. My job hunt came to mind. Enough said. "At times it may seem that our trials are focused on areas of our lives and parts of our souls with which we seem least able to cope. Since personal growth is an intended outcome of these challenges, it should come as no surprise that the trials can be very personal—almost laser guided to our particular needs or weaknesses."-Elder Johnson

Elder Oaks' talk on Desire. I love how he made the point that our desires really do determine our destinies! "Readjusting our desires to give highest priority to the things of eternity is not easy. We are all tempted to desire that worldly quartet of property, prominence, pride, and power. We might desire these, but we should not fix them as our highest priorities."-Elder Oaks

President Uchtdorf's talk on Waiting on the Road to Damascus. Now is the time for me to be better, more Christlike, and to serve others more. I am trying! I like doing service and I prefer to take active steps to improving myself and my situation. So this talk was perfect for me. "The truth is, those who diligently seek to learn of Christ eventually will come to know Him. They will personally receive a divine portrait of the Master, although it most often comes in the form of a puzzle—one piece at a time."-President Uchtdorf

What about YOU? What was/were your favorite talk(s)?

Happy Graduation Week, Passover, and Easter (on Sunday)!!

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