living the fairytale

Monday, July 18, 2011


We went and visited beautiful Nauvoo.

We saw my family perform in the pageant.

And oh how wonderful it all was!

I love that place.

I got to dance on the dance team so long ago.....and going again brought back sweet memories.

Oh Nauvoo, how I love thee. Thanks to hardcore pioneers who pushed through the pain, disappointment, and sadness and let their faith, hope, and love be their guide, we have beautiful Nauvoo.

Their legacy lives on in each of us. And especially in my sister, Sara. I have never seen a more excited pioneer! Her dream came true, and she danced, sang, and acted in the Pageant. 

My family were saints (literally) to suffer the heat, humidity, and thick costumes (I remember how horrifyingly hot it was for 2 straight weeks outside!). Props to them for doing it, and having a marvelous time! Thanks for sharing it with us!


  1. You are so lucky that you could see the family in the pageant! Any more pictures? Sara looks awesome in pioneer attire!

  2. how fun!!! I love Nauvoo whole family is going next year so I am super excited! I remember the pageant days. so fun! I'm glad they all did it.