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Friday, September 9, 2011

Remembering 9/11

I was sitting in German class my Junior year in High School when it happened.

All hell broke loose in school with people yelling in the hallways, teachers turning on the TV's in the classrooms, and with people crying silently.

I had NO idea what the Twin Towers were (I blame no one but myself and my ignorance for that).

But I obviously knew it was a bad thing that airplanes were flying into buildings. But I really did not comprehend fully, the devastation, loss, and havoc that would occur in NYC that day.

We wore black bands that day for our Field Hockey remember the lives that were lost.

As usual, once devastation hit, people turned to God, or whatever Being they believed in. People started remembering what life was really about. People began to care, share, and love a little more.

And then we forgot.

Well, in this article, President Thomas S. Monson calls us to NOT forget. TO never forget Whom it is we should be thankful to and for. And what it is we should be doing each day (the article was written for the WashingtonPost).

I try to not forget what is most important--but I could definitely do better.

To all of you who were affected by 9/11/01, I don't completely or fully understand your loss, but there is Someone who does

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