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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wants And Needs

So, who do we look like??

If you guessed Rapunzel from Tangled, good job :)

OKay so that might have been a little too fun playing around in the Disney store with my sister.....

On the other hand, I found something I NEED later on this weekend.

And they are very adult-like:

Those are a need.

Aren't they SO great?! I fell *head over heels* for them. {pun intended}

Now, how do I convince my husband of this need???

this is an obvious duh! on a date night. My husband knows this and tried to distract me from the trauma of not buying the glitter shoes<---they did hurt my feet after like 2 seconds. Sad face. 

Another want:

To eat that cake from my wedding again.

In other news: This Tuesday (September 20) marks the TWO YEAR date from when I first met my husband.

He saw me picking apples (actually I was shaking the tree trying to get them all down), and he immediately fell in love. He was enchanted, I was not. But that's okay. Oh and We re-enacted the whole thing a year later (my idea<--nerd alert!)

And we are still living our happily ever after ;)

*yes we are in the Sep Ensign-and no they are not our identical twins. The photo was taken over a year ago for another Church project that never took they stuck us in the magazine. Hehe*


  1. OMG Those shoes are fabulous! I'd take the pain lol And you and your sister are so darn cute. I have a nephew with downs, they are the sweetest, most fun-loving kids ever :)

  2. Oh I love your disney store pictures! How fun! I bet Sara LOVED that hair braid.

  3. HAHA! You should have bought the shoes.... no I'm just kidding. But I can see how those shoes might be perfect for Annette-Princess. Maybe you could ask Mr. King to chip in some $$$$. =) You and Sara look like you are having so much fun together!

  4. i love you very much you are the best ever had you are so nice and how are you today do love work why tell me thanks you are so funny today and you are so amazing girl ever had


    Sara Bailey

    P.S.I love you very much you are the funnest ever had your husband is handsome tell him

  5. I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


    Sara Bailey