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Monday, December 5, 2011

Thanksgiving In UT

We had a fabulous week in UT visiting Jared's family for Thanksgiving! It went by so fast and was stuffed with activities, food, family, fun, and some rest :)

Ate some homemade cookies on the flight. (Recipe HERE)

Spent the day before T-day baking!! (I love doing this with all the women. SO fun!)

After a quick 6-mile run, we got to work and made the feast.

My contribution:

Recipe found (HERE)--used by all the women in my fam.

The table was fun and festive:

I love Thanksgiving! It all gives us time to slow down, really think about our many blessings, and spend time with family. I adore my in-law family and we all had a blast!

Crazy shenanigans at the table ensued:

After a filling and delicious dinner we all went on a walk:

I miss the mountains!! A lot.

Then planning for Black Friday began.

I am NOT a Black Friday shopper at ALL, but Jared's sister and bro-in-law were all about it. His parents went to. Crazy people.

I value my sleep too much.
Even over a good deal. Hah.

we ate pies too, but I was too busy eating ice cream to take pics
After T-Day we did crazy shopping (amazing deals!! I <3 DI in Centerville. It is awesomesauce), gathered tools and beads, and crafted.

My in-laws are all very creative, artsy, and really skilled in making anything from skirts to elaborate jewelry. 

I am NOT talented in those things at all, so when I get around these lovely ladies I soak it all up....and attempt my hand at it as well.

the earrings and necklace I made!! I MADE that. Well, I sort of did it, my SIL and MIL helped a lot!

My time spent doing these art crafts reminded me of how little I know about doing DIY projects....and that I like them IF I am in the mood. Hah. Usually I want to be running around, motivating people--so it is very unusual to find me quiet, in a chair, working on tiny beads. It definitely uses a different type of brain power and I must admit, can be oddly soothing!

During the later part of the week we ate turkey leftovers:

Visited my FAV restaurant:

my food on the left, Jared's on the right. Mine was huge! Just the way I like it.

Can YOU guess where it was??


On our last night we did one of my favorite things to do in SLC during the holidays : Visited the lights on Temple Square!

for Lara. Know what it says??! :)

Ahhh German. Love :)
They had paper lanterns all over with different holiday phrases in various languages. SO cool.

HAPPY Holidays!! I LOVE this time of year.

It was a fantastic getaway--thanks Perkins for hosting us!!

P.s. To get even more into the holiday season, watch/read some of what we listened to last night. I love focusing on the TRUE Christmas spirit. 


  1. you are gorgeous! Love the temple pictures. Look at you all crafty. cafe rio looks yum. Now I am craving cafe rio. thanks a lot.

  2. Temple! Chinese! Rolls! Crafts! CafeRio! Awesome Annette! Jared has such a great family. =) Looks like a great Thanksgiving! Can't wait to see you!!!!

  3. Beautiful! I wish I had known you were in SLC! :)

  4. I SOOO miss temple square! You look absolutely beautiful- and you are from the inside out! MIss and love you ANnette. Thanks for being who youare:)