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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Because YOU love me.....

........You can VOTE for me!

You're so lucky :)

I was chosen to be in the running to receive a grant with Team REFUEL, the elite athlete and fitness enthusiast team who drinks chocolate milk to refuel after a hard workout.

I drink chocolate milk after every intense workout and it has changed my life. Seriously. I believe in the science behind it all, and have felt it in my life. If you care to read more about my experience, read my story with chocolate milk!

So, if I get enough votes (because of all of you awesome people)....then I would be a part of the team and would win a grant ($$$) that would go toward my half Ironman race in 2012. 

You all are the bomb diggity!!!

Go HERE to vote. You can vote EVERY single day until January 15, 2012!!! (and it might even work in different browsers--that's like 4x/day. Just sayin')

You can either type my name into the box, or click "individuals" category to find me. I am in a backbend in the photo. Just click my picture to vote (see above shot)

And tell all your friends.

You guys ROCK. Happy voting for the next 3 weeks!


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