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Thursday, January 26, 2012

To Sara

My little sister is such a joy to be around! She is sweet, hilarious, smart, a great dancer, an awesome baker, and oh so funny. She has THE best laugh in the whole world. Truly.

Well, this lovely lady turned 18 (!!!!) on Sunday. 

My sister (another one) and I decided we were going to make a cake that my mom would never have made......

I think she loved it. What do you think?

(Idea found by spending wayyyy too much time on Pinterest).

Recipe for the cake (Texas Sheet Cake).

Happy Birthday to a lovely, wonderful young lady! She makes every day that much better :)


  1. SUCH an awesome cake. Sara totally loved it.

  2. That's an awesome cake! I love Sara's reaction! I can't believe she's 18. I remember when she was born. Wow, I'm getting old!

  3. WOW. wow wow. You not only crafted the perfect cake ever, but you also caught her reaction PERFECTLY. so great. It almost makes up that I couldn't be there =( You and her are such good buddies!!