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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year (+ holiday fun)

What a fantastic holiday break!! 

I had about two weeks off from my job and Jared had a week off, so we got to spend quality time with the family. Score!

This was the Christmas year that my entire family was in town. Talk about AWESOME party. All 10 kids (and spouses and children) gathered for a week (+ more for some) of total fun. I really love the holidays-they are so magical!

By the way, I dragged several of the fam to the fitness classes I teach, so if any one of them looks like they're in pain in these pics, they probably are/were ;)

I found little Santa!

Jared's first, real Swiss fondue!

Swiss cookies!!!! YUMM (find recipe HERE)

New Pajamas! My parents gave us all new matching Christmas jammies (it's tradition!). Thanks you guys! We all love 'em--especially the boys, and how hot they get  ;)

me and my favorite guy :)

isn't my nephew adorable?!

I got a PINK foam roller!! THanks to my fabulous husband! Thanks babe :)

Rolls on Christmas Day -a must. Recipe HERE
It was such a great holiday!

And the New Years was fantastic too:

We did gift exchanges,

Went to the Zoo and Science Center and Ice skated.

Sister love:

The two of us at the zoo:

And much, much more.

Fun was had by all. Hope you've started your New Year's off well :) If not, then come join me at this website and I can help ya out.

Also, VOTE for me (here's the blog post explaining how)--this is the last week to do so, and you can do it every day! Woot.


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  1. i voted for you again!! i love seeing these pictures from Christmas!!!! what a fabulous time!!! you did forget to say you saved my life by holding my baby every free moment you had!!!!! you are the best annette!