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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Date Nights April 2012

This month we've had some fun date nights/afternoons. Thanks to his not having a crazy schedule yet....We're trying to live up every moment we're not working, together.

Love this guy.

We watched a movie with angel food cake + strawberries.

Made waffles for a leisurely brunch.

Ate lettuce wraps with his parents.

Went to the dollar theatre to see the newest Sherlock Holmes movie. (It was pretty good!)

Ate TCBY frozen yogurt. SO good. (They had Greek yogurt flavors and salted caramel topping. I was in heaven.)

Went and saw the flowers on Temple Square (and went to the temple).

Drank chocolate milk together after I spontaneously ran the SLC 1/2 Marathon. 

Went to the park and read and sunbathed (well, he laid in the him, not so much.) No pic for that.

Went to the temple with friends and walked around in the evening. We've been having gorgeous weather here lately! LOVE it.

I am one lucky gal. I love doing everything and anything with this guy! 

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