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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Glimpses of October

Oh hey there.

Since I am such a great blogger, and now it's November...... let's rewind & check out October's goodness. 

It was a GREAT month!

Owl City Concert with the man.

Lots of treadmill running.

Pics of our apartment:

{my very own W/D. wahoo!}

LOTS of BodyPUMP teaching. Lots. Love it.

Random pizza night with the man.

Ice cream & netflix (watching Once Upon a Time)

Subway with my dad.

Nice dinner with my dad, bro, and husband at the Roof.

Lots of Kale.

Costco trip.

My hair was getting long....

Worked the Gluten Free Expo for the Simply Bar company. It was so fun!

It snowed.

I worked. A lot. 

We went to a mountain house for a weekend getaway!

{rode four wheelers}

Went to our ward's Halloween party.

Made some cool (Pinterest-inspired holiday food):

Ate some Halloween candy.

My mom sent me TJ's sunflower butter. SO good.

Beautiful views.

Fun with a friend's kiddo at her Spudnight party.

Pretty sunrises outside our balcony.

It got cold! So lots of herbal tea drinking.

Random night out (probably to cafe rio). With my man.

Anything ordinary suddenly seems extraordinary when I do anything with him. 

I am not ashamed to admit that I indeed got the fairytale & my prince. He makes me oh so happy!

Lots of Zumba teaching.

It was a great month!

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