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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Happy holidays so far! Have you enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the holidays? How about how everyone is being nicer than usual? Or how a lot of people are talking about their faith more often than normal? I have said it before, I LOVE this time of the year!

This last week made the holidays THAT much sweeter...... 
I did it! On Wednesday I presented my Thesis to my panel and after 2 excruciating hours of presentation, drilling of questions (holy moly that was hard!), and waiting for them to decide if I passed or not (they made me wait in the hallway while they 'mulled it over').....I passed. I now have an M.S. after my name :) (p.s. I have a friend whose initials are MS, so that is extra fun, yah MEL??)

US right after I passed!!
I must say how grateful I am that my husband came with me and supported me through it all. He is a STUD! My parents are amazing for supporting me, cheering me on, and being excited for me- they too are rockin' :) I have great family and friends- so I too am grateful for all of your support! I am OVERjoyed that this happened. Now all to do is the final edits for the library copy and I am a graduate of a Master's degree. Lov-ELY!!

What else have we been up to, you ask?
-holiday shopping
-gym time
-out to dinner at PF Changs for a celebration for graduating--- thanks honey!
yummy PF Changs
-teaching BodyPump like it's going out of style. hehe (seriously, my husband calls it 'perma-sore' because of how often I am sore)
-daily using the BEST essential oils in the world. SERIOUSLY. I have the best facial products because it all comes from essential oils (natural, not synthetic) ***let me know if you want to know more because this has changed my skin. totally. completely. My mom is even buying some for my sister***
-finished teaching my LAST fitness class at BYU
-finally sat down with my husband for a meal and a movie
-ate caramel and Swiss chocolate --- you can go ahead and be jealous. kidding ;)
-burned my finger this week and rubbed Lavander and Melaleuca essential oils (used for healing) on it and there is NO scarring and IMMEDIATELY the pain went away. ROCKin'
-reading our scriptures, going to the temple, and praying (to learn more of why I do this daily, click the button on the left that says  "My Faith") 
-chatting on the phone with siblings, good friends, and my awesome parents

What we're doing soon, you wonder?
-Ward Christmas party tonight
-Stake Christmas fireside tomorrow
-FHE Monday- making pizzas and going to a holiday play
-making cookies for KATE because she won the cookie contest!
 -BodyPump, Zumba teaching

What has been your favorite part of the holiday season so far? We love hearing what you all have going on!


  1. congrats Master Annette!

  2. yes MS are cool initials :) congrats again. you guys sound busy busy. if only i lived closer and i would attend your gym classes. im going to zumba up here and it rocks!

  3. wow, annette, i can't imagine you having even better skin than you did before!! : ) seriously. i want in on this product! what's it called and where do i get hooked up with it?

  4. #1= congrats on your MS!!!! Wahoo that is awesome!! Also, I want to know more about essential oils my mom uses them, and swears by them. I have only one bottle, but want to know more. Did you read a book on them? Is there one? Fill me in Annette!! Love ya!

  5. Congratulations, Annette! That is so exciting! Now we can be Masters together :) hehe.

  6. YAY!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!! I knew you would but I am so glad you can now say it is over!

  7. Hey Bethany and Alicia, and those others of you interested, I am preparing a post about essential oils and their benefits...BE excited- I will answer your questions and tell you how you can get these great products too :)