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Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like.....

.....a WINNER! Congrats to Kate Moore for winning the Grateful/Cookie contest! I loved turning my thoughts to gratitude during the month of November. Kate, please leave a comment letting me know which kind of cookie you'd like (choc chip or choc chip/oatmeal). I'll bring them to you next week.

For those of you interested how the contest worked, 4 people left 3 comments, and of those 4, 2 became followers. My husband did a coin toss after I assigned heads/tails to those two ladies, and Kate won the toss. Congrats! All, keep checking back for more fun contests.....December and January are great months for giveaways :)

It is also beginning to look a lot like St. Nickolas Tag! Today is December 6th, which means St. Nick came  this morning! We had shoes set out and he filled em' with oranges, chocolate, and nuts, as is normal for every Swiss/German/Child to receive on the 6th of December. I remember growing up and LOVING this tradition with my family. One time I swore I even saw St. Nick coming up the drive.

what a cool puzzle!
ALL made of candy. wow!

Caroline and Jason's  house in Alaska...haha

look at all those gingerbread creations behind us!

BYU/Utah rivalry ON a tree
rock-n-roll tree
Snowman tree-SO cute!
My new favorite stockings for next year....
...who wants to buy these for me?
the advent tree
 How have you decorated your tree or house this year? What other giveaways do you think could be fun? Happy St. Nick to YOU, this is not too late to set your shoes outside the front door. He might come by still....

p.s. I defend my Master's Thesis on Wednesday...then I can graduate and will have an M.S. after my name! Any extra prayers are welcome ;)


  1. st. nick came to us this morning too! and we are having reibukuchen for dinner tonight. oh i love st. nicholas day. we loved the gingerbread houses and the small trees the best.

  2. haha YAY! I'd love choc-chip oatmeal! Thanks so much! I love keeping up w/ your blog, it's always so positive :) and all this Cmas stuff is great! Where is it all displayed? I'd love to visit.