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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift of the Earth

How is your December going? I LOVE the Christmas time, as I mentioned in the last post :) We have had an exciting week, what with my thesis being accepted by the library (after formatting and RE-formatting a bazillion times and then converting the whole dang thing-67 pages worth-to PDF) and Christmas get-togethers and business ventures and all. I am cleared for graduation, my skin is clear because of the amazing essential oils I have been using, and the sky is clear of rain. This makes me all very HAPPY!

A few of you asked about essential oils and the skincare line I use, so I thought I'd blog about the products we use INSTEAD of drugs, pills, prescriptions, drug-store facial cleansers and the like. 

My husband and I love health, fitness, and living well. We (like most) do not like being sick, ill, or out-of-sorts. I like having healthy, glowing skin and because my in-laws knew this, they and my in-law siblings, all gifted me the most amazing facial skincare line I have EVER used. And I have used every skincare line-- ALL (and by all I mean ALL of 'em out there). Not to mention that a New York runway model who has used every product available (yes, even more than me, ha!) said that this product line (the one I received) is THE best she has ever used. She felt and saw a difference immediately. WOW. 

The line also carries certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils (CPTG-the highest grade/quality oils can have), which we have used for fevers, sore throats, aches, ulcers, back pain, muscle soreness, laziness (not kidding! peppermint oil really can help you get your butt off the couch. Don't believe me? Ask us for a sample and you'll see.)      

These essential oils are available for EVERYone! You can heal your burns (this happened to me), your ulcers (my husband), or your ZITS (both my husband, me, and others we know) and much MUCH more with these oils--over 200 pages worth of illnesses/sicknesses/diseases the oils help alleviate, reduce, or even cure. This is in essence, God's GIFT to us. These oils come from the EARTH and are a huge gift to mankind. For that I am grateful.
I grew up in a home where my mom treated us with herbal teas, homemade soups, back-scratches, etc when we were under the weather, even though my dad, being a surgeon, could get any medicine we needed. My mom instilled in me a great love for all things natural-and essential oils are ESSENTIALLY the most natural you can get, as each bottle of oil is carefully harvested and extracted for use from the best plants all over the world. The name of this company that so carefully delivers each bottle of oil, supplement, and skincare product to match its highest grade? (see below)
the company's name is derived from a Latin derivative, meaning "Gift of the Earth" 

Best news of all? You can get these products too!! Let us know if you are interested in changing your health for the better-and keeping those deadly sicknesses OUT of your home this Winter.  OH and JUST for YOU, we will hold a FREE class in January at our home where you can try these oils and find out more! Leave a comment if you'd like to be invited (and leave a comment just to say hi too!) :) 

I am going to go drink my hot cocoa with the husband....infused with a drop of peppermint oil- a perfect holiday evening drink :)


  1. Duh! I want to know more about these Annette. I have a bottle of the DoTerra Elevation that I love. Seeing how I live a state away I wont be able to go to your class, but seriously I want to know how I can learn more! Your the cutest, and I love that Jared loves it with yoU!

  2. Annette! I am so happy to have found another Essential Oils believer! When I married into my husband's family I was taught about a plethora of all natural and organic ways to heal my family without medications and the biggest one of those is ESSENTIAL OILS! We use Young Living and they are amazing. I'm using a blend called Thieves and Peppermint everyday to keep my cold from coming back. It's amazing what was put here to help us keep healthy without medicating ourselves. I'm so glad you love the Oils. If you want to read up on the ones i use you can visit Thanks so much for sharing this post :)

  3. Hey so congratulations on your thesis! Really, what a huge accomplishment! So my dad is a huge believer in the essential oils and has given me a few, but I always forget to use them. You made me want to bust mine out though and learn more about other ones. I had to laugh when I read the part about your skin being clear now because of the oils... in the 7 years I've known you you've always had the most perfect, gorgeous, glowing skin! I can't imagine it being much better than it already was! What kind do you use for pimples? I need some major help with my skin right now. Also, are you selling this stuff?

  4. The peppermint hot chocolate sounds delicious!