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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lake Time + Ted Drewes

When it is Summer around here, we always, always hit up the lake. 

It was a wonderful day to go.....until the tornado weather showed up 4 hours later!! 

ummmmm SCARY!
We almost did not make it into our cars safely, and for the first 20 minutes of the drive, I was SO worried we were going to get sucked out of our vehicles. 

But.....we made it back. Alive, too :)

And then we enjoyed more weather like THIS:

I guess StL is welcoming us back with its normal CRAZY weather! :)

Check out what it does to my hair:
HELLO humidity. Yikes!
We moved. We are back. And we are loving it.

I have already taught several Zumba classes, have lined up several potential clients, and we are now finishing the final touches on our business (to be released around July 15th!!)


This deserves some celebration....

me and my man

You guessed it!!!

with my awesome little bros
Ted Drewes.
Happiness=Caramel + Toffee + Almonds.


We are going to be in business SO soon. I can TASTE it.
Oh and I DID my hair.....before the humidity hit. hah.


  1. ummmm...Ted Drews :) Brings back good memories!!! Can't wait to see more about your business!!

  2. oh that looks like fun!!! How come you all went AFTER we left?!