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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catch Up from September

Oh hey there!

Pretty sure ya all love to stalk me (insert sarcastic laugh), so I will update you on our goings on of September. I am totally good at this blogging thing. I know, I know. There should be some sort of award for this awesomeness.


Last time I left ya, I had completed the Half IM. I rode that high (and got a huge head) for about 2 weeks. 

September somehow got crazyyy busy. Work was busy. Teaching was busy. Went out of town. Had dates. Jared worked nutso hours. It was fun, but whew!

September 2012 catch-up:

I ate protein pancakes like it was my job. 

Ate as many peaches as I could. And in any form.

Hung with friends. Eating fro yo. 

Went to the Temple open house up in Brigham City. Gorgeous!

Ate Cafe Rio with my hottie.

Hung out at the pool on Saturdays.

McFlurries & RedBox date night.

Regional Conference in the Conference Center.

Teaching early morning fitness classes like it's my job.....oh wait. 

Moved out of our SLC basement apartment. (it was a blast, and was super cheap-o, but I am glad we now have light in our condo! that one small window was about all the light we had. I died a little inside....)

Rode 4-Wheelers.

Ate decadent desserts with my parents who were in town.

Ate breakfast (and slept) at a bed&breakfast. Thanks mom & dad!

Travelled to Las Vegas for Advanced Instructor Module II for BodyPUMP.

Worked with international Trainer, Mid Thomas. I felt honored!!

Have been running at our new apartment's gym. 

Have been going to the temple often with the man.

Oh and I ate watermelon well into September.

Took 2 trips to Ikea with Jared to prep our new condo.

Decorated our condo for Fall a bit.

Jared (the most amazing husband ever), put all the newly bought Ikea furniture together.

Have been eating sweet potato fries like a boss.

And that's just the 'schtuff' I grabbed on camera. 


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  1. ANNETTE! whew, I am tired after just reading through that! What a month for you!!! way to do, like, everything! I'm impressed Annette and I'm SO glad you live in a palace on the top of your building now. =) love you!