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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

your LAST chance to score some cookies....

we'll get to how to score some cookies in a second....check this out first,
during our 11 days on vacation in StL with family:

we both got deathly ill (my husband more so than me)
stayed up WAY too late each night hangin' with the siblings and parents (but don't regret it one bit)
played with the nieces and nephews for countless hours
ate delicious salads, wraps, turkey, pumpkin everything, cookie-cake-pie-ice cream, and cranberry salad
slept, ate, and laughed our way through my parents' home
thoroughly enjoyed Zumba with the sisters daily (side note: this was just me, not the husband)
had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with ALL my siblings (excluding a brother on a mission)
swam, played, and read with siblings/nieces/nephews
slept in WAY past any normal hour (hello 11:45 a.m.?!)
stayed in PJs all day long just for the heck of it
watched the kiddos and some adults take a whack at a homemade pinata

nursed my sick sick husband back to health (with the help of my parents)
visited my amazing dad's new office 
more shopping and laughing ensued 
saw Harry Potter 3 in theatres (LOVED it), watched Toy Story 3 at home on the big-screen
had to say good-bye to the most amazing parents and siblings on the planet (not to mention the cutest nephews and nieces ever)
HOW is that for some amazing 11 days?? We are VERY blessed.

the whole clan (minus my missionary brother)
Okay back to how to score cookies....we want to hear what you're grateful for these last few days of November. You could SCORE some cookies if you leave a comment, become a follower, and tell us what YOU are grateful for.
Here is our list from the past few days:

Nov. 28th: We were very grateful for Church meetings with the family in StL. I LOVE sitting with my family at my home ward (to learn more click "My Faith" button on the left)
Nov 29th: We were grateful for kind parents who purchased Christmas decorations, chocolate, and other goodies for us to take back to UT.
Nov 30th: Today we were grateful for good pilots, extra security space to get us through the airport faster, a warm car, each other, and having had a wonderful vacation in StL.

What are YOU very grateful for this last day of November? We are truly excited about the Christmas season, the decorations, the excitement, the lights, the beautiful snow (hello WHITE Utah to greet us today!), family, Christ, service, and so much more!


  1. I agree, that was a great break!!!! Especailly because you and your cool husband were there!!! love you!=)

  2. im grateful for good food. lets be honest, who doesnt? yes, i think you could still do the 12 dates. it will be fun..