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Thursday, January 27, 2011

crafty crafty

You know how there are some people BORN to craft?

I am NOT one of them! But my friend MEL is incredible at crafts. 

Check out her blog for the fabulous giveaway for Valentine's Day. I know you haven't bought anything for that special someone yet....SO enter and see what happens!!

 I did do a craft-y thing the other day...

yep, I made earrings!! THREE pairs to be exact.
see 'em on my ear??
Granted someone SHOWED me how to do the craft.
Granted it was pretty EASY.
I still feel crafty.
And prettier.
And cooler.
For having tried it and LOVED doing such a craft-y thang ;)

(P.s. to my sisters- for the record, I LOVE the pan from the White Elephant)
check it:
banana bread muffin/cake things (one has a dollop of Swiss chocolate on it. AND no, it is Jared's piece that had it, not mine!)


  1. grrr. I am still bitter that you got the cake pans! haha.
    the earrings look great! You are crafty!

  2. i love them!! you did such a cute job. and so classy. thanks for the link too!!

  3. crafty lady!!! I'm glad you are enjoying the pans =) looks delicious!