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Saturday, January 15, 2011

family + friends

Although we had a sad occasion to attend last week, we also had cause for celebration the next night! It was Camille (my husband's sister) 's birthday :)

waiting for Camille and EJ to arrive for the surprise!
Out of a lot of luck and kindness, we were given a HUGE gift card to Ruth's Chris SteakHOUSE.  We all surprised Camille by being there :) Let's just say the food was pricey and for really good reason, it was delicious. They had one chicken entree and yours truly nabbed that one. My husband (and all the men and some of the women who ordered steak) thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed the steak. The most divine piece of meat he has ever had....since the last time he ate a steak at Ruth's Chris a few years ago.

my starter salad (it was delish)
mmmmm eat that meat sweetheart
I am taking the photo (this is my husband's fam minus one-he is unseen, taking care of the little baby to the right)
We had to continue the celebration and thus ended up at a family creamery to indulge in some serious ice cream creations. Check ours out! You bet we ate that whole thing! Demolished in like 10 minutes flat!
holy delicious!

food coma at the end of the night :)
the birthday gal and her man
me and my sweetie

We had some friends over the other night and here are some pics / recent goings on :) Our life is wonderful as newlyweds and we are grateful for the friends and family in our life!

we have great friends-thanks for stopping by!

we are goof balls, we know :)
Me and my babe


  1. OMG that is he yummiest looking banana split ever!! And you have some super cute clothes. You always look awesome :)

  2. Cute Pictures! I wish I coulda made it to your lil bash! You look beautiful as always!

  3. Fun pictures Annette!! I love seeing what you two love birds are up to! =) You look beautiful as ever!!! must be all that love in your life!