living the fairytale

Monday, January 31, 2011

Faces + Event

Who doesn't want to see these faces on THURSDAY?!

we thought ALL do!

(and we mean it-we loooove guests!)

this: Thursday, February 3, 2011
7 pm
Jared and Annette's place
An epic EVENT to beat all events

with a very special guest **Becky Cox

Come find out exactly why doTERRA's 100% certified pure essential oils are the way to complete and natural health
and WHAT amazingness they can do for you
and HOW they cured Jared's ulcer
and Annette's stomach pains and burnt thumb
and how these oils can help YOU enhance your fitness, nutrition, medicinal, and personal goals
and MUCH, MUCH more!

FREE sampling with the oils! Food! Chatting! Time with your favorite people!
(message or text or email us for address/directions)

we are watching you from our special planes.......and want you all to join us at our place
THIS Thursday!!!  :)

Get it? You. Us. Awesome Night. Be. There.


  1. so wait, are essential oils for external use or internal use? i guess i really have no clue what they even are!

  2. haha! love the pictures-- hope you get a crowd! I'd be there but.....its a little far away. =)

  3. That sounds like super fun! and Essential oils are for external and internal use alike if you have the right kind. Doterra is one of the right kinds :)

  4. Annette - is there a website to look at that explains everything?

    - Megan (from Erin's birthday ;))