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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Epic SKI Vacation

We just got back from a fabulous vacation with my family. We skiied Brighton for 4.75 days and it was Ahhhhhmazzzzing! Everyone was there minus Jason (in Med school) and Martin (little bro on a mission in Chile).

Loved the snow. Loved the company. Loved the location. Loved the new powdery snow! Loved seeing my munchkins (nieces and nephews). Loved staying up to hang with the siblings. Loved skiing the slopes in the early morn with Jared. Loved eating my sibling's dinner creations. Loved that my parents are so incredible. Did not love not getting enough sleep and being cold or having to pee too often.

It was amazing--in a nutshell:
 2 PURE powder days.
1 Blizzard day. (reaaalllly cold)
1 Church-going Sunday (we walked about 33 steps to church).
1 day of ski-renting, food buying, moving in, driving, flying in (siblings + parents)
1 day of just me and Caroline time
1 day of SUNNY slopes
1 day of Provo goodness with the parents
1 evening (tonight) of missing it and them all :(

Some pics for your viewing pleasure. (Warning- overload of pictures. You will miss us and our hilariousness. And those beautimus slopes.)
Tangled in 3-D?? Oh yes, baby!

a 1/64th of the amount we had to buy....
costco people were afraid of us and our THREE carts


Caroline and Me

an Annette-inspired (from Alisha's fixins for) dinner

me and Jared! It was cold (in my defense for the outfit)

3 of us sisters (there are 6)

macs and apple products were a HUGE hit by the kids (it was not weird to see the babies playing with an ipad or an i touch....)

sunrise from our balcony!

sparkly snow


If you are a Bailey fan, check out Caroline's blog for a great story about our fabulous sister Sara. She keeps us smiling, humble, and def. on our toes :) 

It was an incredible vacation, thanks to my parents. Thanks mom an dad! They are the bombdotcom!


  1. Oh, I miss the Bailey clan!! Looks like it was a lot of fun. I'm glad you guys still do this tradition!

  2. That was Shalayne...not sure what account that was?!

  3. bombdotcom??? Have you been hanging out with Jared a lot?? =) AH! I miss the people in these pictures! I think you have more pictures of the little kids than of the adults! =) I love the picture of the 3 of 6 one will ever know that I was not one of the ones included! =) I'm still grateful you finished off the curry. I would have taken it on the airplane but, who knows, I could have put a Bom* in there and they would have confiscated my delicious thai curry. miss you!!!!