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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Call Us...

....Movie Connoisseurs. 
We love movies. We love cuddling up on the couch and watching movies from the computer (hello online Netflix!!) or t.v. (that works too) 
This weekend we saw THREE movies. 3 people. We lead exciting lives, I told you!

Movie #1 : State of Play
It was kinda scary. Definitely a thriller. It is a mystery with some legal, business, and politics intertwined. Very fascinating! Had some really good acting (and actors) in it. 

Movie #2: Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time
Also very entertaining. It had a lot of action and war scenes in it. Plus some romance and quite a bit of family feuding. If you ever wanted to know one of the stories where Disney's Aladdin came from, this movie can help you out. It was fun discovering where some of the characters from Aladdin were gleaned from.... Go watch it and tell us what you think--we thought it a fun, date movie. 

Movie #3 : The Proposal
We thought this movie was hilarious. But it is kinda awkward because the premise is SO weird. I will spare you details, but this too was really entertaining and a great date movie (for married couples--it is funnier). I laughed quite a bit (as did Jared) and I really love Sandra Bullock in almost any movie she's ever been in (that I've seen).

Hope you liked the informal movie review :) We also do other things, don't worry. Like read, work, play, cook/bake (sort of....), teach, work out, and sleep!! SO exciting, I am tellin' ya. 
But really it is--because I get to do it all with my best friend and amazing husband, Jared. 

Really, last night he was such a gem and just held me as I cried about something really dumb and not even that serious or find a man who can deal with emotions, mmm k?

Have a great Mardi Gras, friends :)


  1. I talked to you when you were watching the Prince movie! =) Joseph had to do school stuff that Saturday night so I texted everyone else to see what they were doing. =) Can't wait for next week!!! love you!

  2. We thought the Proposal was funny too! We haven't seen state of play though so I will put that on the list :)