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Thursday, March 31, 2011

iChat Goodness

ichat, imovie, ibooks, imac, i, I, I.......

We live in a world of technology and that is a huge blessing (and can be a huge curse if you let it be).

In my eyes, it's been a huge blessing in the form of spending time with my dear sister, Sara.

She is a doll. She is hilarious. She is super sweet. She is 17. And she does have Down's Syndrome.
Us, Oct 2010
Some think this is so unfortunate for her and us. I say to them, that is completely FALSE. Untrue. And actually, the opposite is the truth. She is is the one who teaches us patience, love, and kindness-not the other way around. I have learned a lot from her and I love her.

Well, it to happens that my love for my little sister Sara and my love for Zumba AND my love for my imac all combine into......

iChat ZUMBA classes!

Twice weekly Sara and I iChat. Well actually, we do Zumba via iChat. It rocks. It is super fun and hilarious. We just shake it in front of our computer screens and we don't think a thang about it!

Try it sometime- get on iChat with a friend or family member and just DANCE!

You'll be grateful for technology :)

Can you tell we just had a hilarious, rockin' Zumba sesh together?? Love you Sara!!


  1. love it. ps. can i sign up for your izumba class?? seriously:)

  2. I love that you two zumba together! The other night I called and she answered and said, all out of breath, I can't talk, I'm busy doing zumba with Annette! =) so fun!!!