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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shenanigans + Giveaway

Because our life is Oh so exciting, I decided to display what we've been up to and the latest exciting news in our lives in a photo essay: 
trip to the temple on a snowy afternoon

I love the temple

baked whole wheat banana bread- and it was light and fluffy!
A miracle (it is usually hard and not fluffy)

some to share and giveaway to friends/dessert parties

my beloved Emma, the Amarylis (from Jared) bloomed!!

she is SO pretty, no?
An update on that gift my husband gave me : love, love this book. I recommend it to everyone and anyone. It has enhanced my perspective on my relationship with Heavenly Father and Christ. It has also helped to strengthen my resolve against Satan's attacks of fear, despondency, negativism, and self-doubt that too often rail me and leave me hurt, angry, and frustrated.  I love how President Ezra Taft Benson once said, " As the showdown between good and evil approaches with its accompanying trials and tribulations, Satan is increasingly striving to overcome the Saints with despair, discouragement, despondency, and depression" This is it, my friends. We CAN overcome those horrid thoughts and feelings Satan so badly wants us to feel.

It has not been a super awesome feeling to be only part-time employed and not getting answers (YET) of where we're moving and what we'll be doing work-wise. However, I have received a lot of strength, love, encouragement, and peace as I let God take over this uncontrollable situation. It is amazing how this book came at the perfect time during a particular struggle for me. Thanks to my fabulous man for getting it for me--he is such a gem. p.s. if you can't tell I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone reading this book.

**Here is one quote (of many!) that I love from the book: "God's love is not something we earn, no matter how hard we try or how high we run up the scoreboard. God's love is 'freely given' to all who will believe, come unto Christ, and endure." (p.85, Defined By Christ -Toni Sorenson)

Let His love be your guiding light and your strength. We all struggle, but there is peace and happiness and a whole lot of love as we turn to Him, the one who knows best how to help.

GiveAWAY time:
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  1. I requested the book from the library. Thanks for posting the suggestion! :)

  2. I love when you take pictures of healthy meals that you make! It is fun to get ideas! Your beautiful as usual. Also, your website is awesome! I am so impressed:)

  3. The snowy day temple pictures are beautiful. And the amaryllis is lovely as well! It's a show-stopper for sure.