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Friday, September 24, 2010

week recap

What a week! It was quite the busy type- but luckily we enjoyed it, right? :) (we're not complaining, just commenting) It consisted of dinner with my little bro (more on that in a sec), fireside, work, gym, our special FHE (more on that, too), meetings, s'mores with friends, reading, walks, library, meetings, a dance party, and some sleep scattered within. (Who am I kidding? Sleep was the starring role of the week, as usual, for me! I am a sleeping guru. Love it. NEED it. My husband? Not so much. But he'll crawl in bed with me, just to appease me. ha)

Dinner with my little bro was HI-larious. He is such a great guy and it is fun to hear his tales of the freshman dorms and eatery. WOW. There is drama, no sleep, and lots and lots of socializing going on there. He struggled to tell us stories during dinner was freakin' SPICY! I made black bean burritos with a few peppers from our garden. This garden is on loan to us by our neighbors b/c they can't eat it all, so I had NO idea what KIND of peppers....I knew they were going to be maybe a bit spicy, but I was wrong. VERY. they were insanely spicy. My little bro (k, he's like 6.3  feet tall 190 lbs- so big bro technically) was in tears. YES, tears. I felt SO bad. He doesn't necessarily enjoy spicy I stuffed him with bread, yogurt, and tomatoes to calm him down as he ate. He said it was still really tasty (in my defense, it was, I promise!), but I could tell his mouth was still on fire..... oh well, gotta love the homegrown peppers with no-name. ANY clue you all as to what they might be called?! Might never use those bad boys again....

after we survived the dinner
I had another epic fail in the kitchen this week, but you can just call me and ask me about it. It was hilarious.... (yep, gotta call me :) )

my husband in our special apple tree
us with our tree above us (I thought we were making funny faces....oh well!)
And last update: Monday's special FHE was amazing. We had a great time reminiscing about those moments a year ago, picking apples, and trying to recreate the whole meeting-under-an-apple-tree experience. We're hilarious, I know. Love my man, though. We made applesauce from those tart apples and it turned out pretty good (hey, it caught me my husband last year, might as well try it- you single ladies out there!) :)

have a great weekend!


  1. Dude, you've got me curious as to what kind of peppers those are. I bet I could handle 'em! Ha! Glad to hear things are well. Love you guys.

  2. I'm impressed Jacob continued eating the black bean spicyness!! It must have still been very good! Hey, idea for a post, take pictures all around your apartment so I can see your house!!!!!