living the fairytale

Monday, September 20, 2010

once upon a time one year ago today....

...lived two people who had NO idea how their lives would change that day....

cue the music, choirs, and apple tree scene

Unsuspecting Annette picks apples from her tree with her roommate.

They decide they can no longer reach the highest apples on the tiptop parts of the tree

so Annette takes to shaking (yes SHAKING) the apple tree to get those apples down

while she and her roomie giggle and shake and pick those apples up

a certain man who happened to be next door

hears a lot of noise and laughter and decides to investigate..........

what does he find???

TWO girls: ONE on a step ladder in heels and a skirt, SHAKING an apple tree

TWO running around protecting her head as she gathers the fallen apples

He shook his head and just watched, quite amused, at the scene played before him

While shaking, girl number one (ANNETTE) looks up to see this man on the porch

He promptly comes and helps gather and pick the highest apples for the girls

He engages the girls in conversation

Girl number ONE had no interest. NONE. She suspected her roomie had interest in this man....

And that, my friends, is where the story all began, that fateful day,

September 20, 2009

ONE year ago today.

And so, Jared and Annette will celebrate the fairytale tonight

picture taken Valentine's day 09'
---you guessed it---

AT the place where it all began!

this was taken 3 weeks after the incident. right beside the fateful TREE!
You can find us at the tree tonight, giggling, picking apples, kissing (ewwww), and fondly gazing into each other's eyes :)

But we'd rather you leave us alone to our trip down memory lane... wink wink


  1. Cute blog, Annette! I love your story. You haven't changed one bit!

  2. What a great way to meet your man! =) i love this story!