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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Grateful weekend to YOU

a section of our Thanksgiving table
Happy late Thanksgiving! We were celebrating with my family and thus did not post at all this me AND my husband got pretty sick (he is still somewhat sick: gastroenteritis. It is even worse than it sounds. boo)

 Here are some things we've been grateful for since last week (and extra bonus, I am grateful for my husband tucking me in on the eve of Nov 18th...) :
all tucked in
Nov 19: We were very grateful for my Master's thesis being turned in, a successful BodyPump launch, and a safe flight to my home in StL
Nov 20: We were grateful for sleeping in......
Nov 21: We were grateful for the Sabbath and seeing friendly faces again (to see more, click the "My Faith" button)
my cute nephew
Nov 22: What a great day to be thankful for hot showers and a comfy bed
Nov 23: We had delicious homemade pizza and gobbled it right up. SO grateful for sisters who can cook! Also, for my Master's Thesis being ACCEPTED for DEFENSE in December!!!
Nov 24: We were grateful for our health because on this day, we both got deathly ill. LAME
little sis with a nephew
Nov 25: We were grateful for my ENTIRE family being home together for Thanksgiving day (except my brother who is serving a mission for our church in Chile). It was a FABULOUS day and dinner!
with a homemade pilgrim hat
Nov 26: We were grateful for dancing with siblings, white elephant gift exchange, late night chats with the siblings, and lots of delicious leftovers
Nov 27: Today we are grateful for the chance to serve and to have enough. We are also very grateful for my wonderful parents who are currently hosting over 20 people in their home :) They wouldn't have it any other way.
My parents gifted us an advent calendar!
We are SO excited
What have you been thankful for this last week? We'd love to hear it!!
 Again, thanks for leaving comments and following only have approx. 2 more posts to do so and have a chance to SCORE yummy chocolate chip cookies!!


  1. im thankful for holidays! congrats on getting your thesis turned in. you are amazing!!

  2. I am thankful for you! You are so fun to be around and I am glad you guys came to STL for thanksgiving! Love ya

  3. I love that Jared tucks you in like that! So cute! We did both score eh? How long will you guys be in provo?