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Thursday, November 18, 2010

INSANITY + grateful part 3

Love the title, much? I sure do because it perfectly describes our life right now....yet we are very grateful for all the opportunities thrown our way.

Nov 12. We were grateful for the temple : the peace, answers, and blessings found there can not be found elsewhere. (Want to know more? Click on the link on the left side that says "My Faith") What better place to go than the one which reminds you of your wedding to the man of your dreams?!
Our Wedding DAY

Nov 13. I was SUPER grateful for a getaway to Park City with my man. Complete with swimming, hot tubbing, birthday presents, streamers on my door (a Bailey birthday tradition), healthified carrot cake, and family. Wonderful, wonderful day!

Nov 14. My husband was grateful I was born on this day! haha. I adore birthdays and my husband pampered me crazy-I am one lucky gal (more on that to come)

Nov 15. We were grateful for pillow talk-this day was NuTtY. Oh wait, the whole week has been....

Nov 16. He was grateful for a nice, hot shower and I was grateful for a professor who was very patient with me....he still is, because the thesis is not done. YET. 

Nov 17. We were grateful to answers to prayers and I was super grateful for a successful 'practice BodyPump class'!! (We launch it TOMORROW at 24 HR!)

Nov 18. I was especially grateful for computer, the Internet, and jump drives, as I spent ALL day (minus the 3 hours I taught classes) typing, re-writing, editing, uploading, and managing documents for my Master's thesis (the thesis I turn in TOMORROW might I add, for review, before I can schedule my final defense)

It has been CRAZY around here, so we sure are grateful to head to St. Louis, TOMORROW (have you noticed yet-- the theme......tomorrow is a HUGE day for us) for 11 days of family fun, Thanksgiving, and good times. Hallelujah! 

What are YOU thankful for? We want to hear it....and YOU want cookies. Follow us, leave a comment, and you might score some delicious fresh-baked cookies.


  1. sounds like jared treated you like a queen for your birthday! i am so glad! and...i am so glad you guys get to escape all the craziness and hopefully relax and party with your family! have so much fun!

  2. You've had a nutty week too? lol How's your thesis coming?

    So I'm greatful for my little house. It's small and old, but it's always warm and inviting and it has a history with my family :)

  3. Annette I am so glad that you get to go to St. Louis for THanksgiving!!! Have so much fun!