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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Grateful (part 1)

It IS November. The month which celebrates all things Thankful :) (and my birthday VERY soon) 
So we're going to be grateful and share it with y'all, okay?!
It has been 6 days already and we'll do one to count on (for tomorrow).
Nov. 1: I am grateful for sleep and its ability to allow my body to heal from the torture it went through (heinous workouts, too much candy, and not enough good sleep, anyone?!)
Nov. 2: I am grateful for the classes I get to teach. I absolutely LOVE teaching fitness and making others work harder than they normally would themselves.
Nov 3: We're grateful for a temple nearby. Well actually, several temples nearby. Want to know more? Click on the tab to the left that says "my faith"
Nov. 4: We're grateful for indoor plumbing because it is freakin' cold outside and I have a small bladder! See more on that HERE 
Nov. 5: We're very grateful for wonderful neighbors who lend a helping hand when in need. Plus, we're grateful for our love and that we're married now-hello awesome cuddling and a warm bed!
Nov. 6: We're grateful for the sunshine and cell phones. 'Nuff said, right?
Nov. 7: We're already grateful for an extra hour of sleep. Yep, even I can't get enough sleep!

What are you grateful for so far this month?! We want to hear, so leave a COMMENT. We know you read about us : )  Oh and JUST for fun (and so my husband can get some cookie dough), leave a comment and by the end of the month we'll randomly select a winner (must leave a comment on each grateful post to win---so follow us, read up on our exciting lives, leave comments, etc) and you could
score some yummy cookies.
*Leave a comment AND *score cookies by the end of the month, what could be easier?! Now that can be something to be grateful for!


  1. I am grateful for legs that got me from the start line to the finish line in the half-marathon.

  2. I am grateful for my sisters! i hope i win the cookies because lets just say im still struggling to make the perfect ones. im beginning to think that it might be me and not the recipes.

  3. I am grateful for Warm Weather in November!!!

  4. I am grateful for my beautiful daughters and loving husband!

  5. Just wondering what sunshine and cell phones have in common? =) And I would like the chocolate chip cookies sent to my house please. I am thankful for YOU and your healthy influence in my life. (like, I am healthier because of you.....not sure my meaning was clear in that last sentence. hehe)