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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween...Perkins style

and we are....PENGUINS! in-love penguins at that!
We thought we were pretty hilarious!!! By the way, Halloween is WAY more fun with kids around- just throwin' it out there! (and no, we did not magically have kids-) we spent the weekend with Jared's parents, siblings, niece/nephews. A smattering of photos follows- we had a lovely weekend, hope you did too!
my husband hangin' out before our debut
isn't this great?!
we're trying to kiss here

and he's proud of his penguin wifey!!
hello penguins!

he got so excited about holding me, he stepped out of the picture!

he is so hot in a bow tie- yah? :) I think SO

sportin' the good ole' black/orange combo on Sunday (notice my shoes and his tie)
mummified hot dogs at dinner (I helped make them, did not help eat them-Jared said they were good, though)

my festive fireplace is behind us....HAHA j/k-MEL is the master crafter! love this lady!
(we partied it up at her place late Sunday) check out her cute blog HERE
Jared's sister, bro-in-law, and niece/nephews
all of us dressed up-Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

Didn't you love the Penguin idea?! It came from my dad and little sis, actually. My dad was a penguin last year (yep, Jared wore his costume), and my 10-year-old sis let me borrow hers. By the way-I didn't have the feet b/c she couldn't find hers (and she wears like kid size 6 anyways)...Thanks to Dad and little sis for lettin' us borrow their costumes for this holiday! What were you for Halloween?!


  1. Haha! I love the penguin costumes on you guys!! Good choice!!! What a cute penguin couple. I think penguins mate for life too.... love all the pictures!

  2. What cute penguins you guys are! Happy Halloween!

  3. You guys looked awesome in all your penguin glory!! :) I'm sure you got a lot of laughs.

  4. i love the costumes! so original. thank you so much for coming. it really meant a lot!

  5. LOVE the costumes...your blog makes me giggle! :)

  6. such a cute penguin couple! Great costumes!