living the fairytale

Saturday, February 5, 2011


We (as a couple) really enjoy just "hanging out" at home.
Utah winters CAN be pretty!

Call us homebodies. Call us boring (we're not, in case you care!)
Call us movie lovers (we adore movies on a couch).
Call us newlyweds (anti-social-only-wanting-to-be-together).
Call us best friends (we are). 
Call us the Perkins.

BUT some days we really love us some 'on-the-town' fun.
Such fun includes: Cafe Rio and the Dollar Theatre. 
We are cool, we know :)

Cafe Rio Chicken Salad. Best SALAD around!!
Social Network, the movie (we thought it was pretty good)
SO riveting! It was IN-tense my friends

And recent eats we've enjoyed at home: 

homemade hot chocolate on a cold day

Snickerdoodle and Vanilla Frozen Yogurt with black bean brownie
We are a happy couple my friends :) 

In case you care, I dislike one of my jobs and am quitting this week.
I am in the running for several "real" jobs all over the country.....
Keep your FINGERS, toes, hands, and eyebrows crossed for me.
I'd appreciate it.
Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. glad you are doing well. you sound soo happy! btw, i am curious, what job are you quitting?

  2. Hey! I wish I could come to all you Doterra parties! haha I am sorry it has taken so long. I am still deciding what to get from ya. I will figure it out and call ya this week.

    PS. Cafe rio really is the best salad around!