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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Spontaneity: the art of being spontaneous. The act or impulse to do something different than originally planned.

Last night we acted out of complete spontaneity and went with what WE wanted to do, instead of what we thought we should do (i.e. we hadn't been home in several hours-it had been a long day already....)

We went to a dinner (sponsored by the church) and then listened to a speaker talk about marriage and the various differences in men and women (and how that plays a huge role in marriage- duh!). It was interesting stuff. The saddest part, however, was learning that most women spend 63% of their total thinking time WORRYING. (Men spend 50% of their total time thinking about sex....) Are you a worrier? I sure hope I don't waste that much time worrying-geez.

So, the dinner was great, the lesson/talk fabulous, and the company spectacular! We met a lot of great people and then we spontaneously ended up at a frozen yogurt shop and then at the movie theatre with this other couple. Holler! new friends :)

We saw the third installment of the Chronicles of Narnia with them and it was marvelous! Very thick with religious connotations, cool scenery, and really fun action scenes. I recommend it to anyone who likes being entertained at the movies (uhhhh, that would be everyone!)

I did not take a single picture last night.....but you still love me anyways, right? (hence the random assortment of photos of me and my hunny)

I am grateful for a husband who likes being spontaneous and can teach me that going to bed at 10:00 p.m. isn't always the best option----there are entertaining events that can happen later at night, even when you're married ;) 

p.s. my husband bought me a really sweet gift: a book. It is called "Defined by Christ" and it is absolutely amazing. I am only 20 pages in and I already recommend it to anyone and everyone! This is a must read. Thank you babycakes :)


  1. that sounds like a lot of fun and you gained some interesting insight it sounds like!

  2. Good job on being spontaneous! You should plan on doing it again! ha ;)

  3. We're so happy to be your friends!