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Friday, October 29, 2010

6 months ago...

Tomorrow is our 6 month anniversary-holy smokes that went fast! we'll be out of town tomorrow, so posting about it now Oh how I adore my husband, Jared!
Here are just 6 reasons why (in honor of our 6 months of marriage):
1. He loves me in spite of my many quirks/issues (ex. I cry a lot. For no reason, sometimes. And he just holds me and doesn't think twice about it).
2. Jared always treats me like a princess/queen. He opens doors, lets me choose movies, rubs my feet, scratches my back, etc.
3. He WANTS me to live my dreams. And supports me in them. I am SO lucky to have a husband who supports his wife in her endeavors too!
4. He is hilarious. He can make me laugh at any moment, even if I'm devastated, showering, sleeping (j/k on that one), or have my mouth full. Our neighbors probably think we watch YouTube fail videos all evening long b/c he induces laughter out of me so much....
5. He eats healthy with me (i.e. spinach on the side, spaghetti squash as noodles, fiber cereals, etc)--and doesn't complain. Disclaimer: He still does love his frozen burritos, pizzas, and cookie dough though.

6. He married me in the temple 6 months ago (April 30). YAH YAH! oh and attends the temple with me very regularly--I love that he is SO devoted to the Lord and His service. What an incredible example to me of someone who puts Him first, then his wife, then others. Jared is one solid dude and I am one lucky gal!
I love you Jared. You mean everything to me and I am so grateful you chose me as your eternal companion. We've made it 6 months and it has been bliss- SO stoked to spend the rest of life and eternity with you! I heart Jared :)

On another note- Happy Halloween this weekend! Stay tuned for some pics of us in costume..... you should be very excited.


  1. congrats!!!! 6 months down, eternity to go!

  2. yaya! What a sweet post. You two certainly compliment each other nicely.

    and I can't wait for your Halloween post!!!!!