living the fairytale

Saturday, February 12, 2011

this happened....

One YEAR ago he asked me to marry him!!!

right before the snow shoeing, enagagement-ing, and SWAT-teaming (don't know the story? Just ask....)
I had NO idea what was to come that evening.....

SO surprised he asked that night!!

the ring-blurry. Most perfect ring for me!!
Lucky for him I said yes, right?! :)
HAHA. I am kidding. I am truly the lucky one. Jared is great for me because he meets my needs emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, etc. etc. He can make me laugh. He can make me smile. He can make the day SO much better when he is around. He even comforts me (doesn't laugh at me) when I drop things and cry uncontrollably about the ruined dish/item/food (I wish I were joking.....)

I am the lucky one because he asked me to marry HIM a year ago :) February 12th is by far ONE of my favorite memories.
I love you babe.


  1. Happy "you got engaged one year ago" day! :)

  2. Such fun memories! P.s. you guys need to give a detailed explanation of the events surrounding your actual engagement- b/c not everyone has a SWAT team involved in their engagement.

  3. awww.. that is really sweet Annette! so.......what did you drop? Did it break? Happy engagement day!!! Joe asked me on Easter, which also happened to be April 16th.... but I kind of like celebrating it on Easter instead, but then I feel like I'm living a lie....who knows. =) I guess I'll celebrate it both days!