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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the "unperfect" Valentine's

I had the day all planned perfectly. 
My day would also include lots of red/pink foods because I love celebrating holidays by eating/serving foods in accordance to the holiday's colors. Naturally. 

see evidence of my lunch below:
lots of pink and red! Baked sweet potato with ketchup, spinach salad with Raspberry Balsamicall on a cute red plate!
 On with my later plans:
I'd surprise my husband with an amazing home-cooked meal he loves. We went out on another evening/afternoon to avoid the madness of V-Day eve....
We'd enjoy the night together.

Enter in my HUGE mistake. I mean MAJORly huge.
I set the oven at the wrong heat.
I got busy doing other things.
I was not paying attention to the oven AT ALL.

AHHHHH burnt to a CRISP

this one wasn't TOO bad....

 DO you even know what the dinner was SUPPOSED to be?!

Homemade HEART pizzas. That is what.

Bless my heart (haha no pun intended), for INTENDING to make it from the heart, right?!

actually, bless my husband's heart. He still ate it and ENJOYED it.
(some small scraping ensued to rid part of his pizza of black charred stuff. Weird, how that got there

Anyone else have an "unperfect" Valentine's day??
by the way-my husband and I thought it was still delicious, semi-edible,
and had a fabulous evening together, thank you :)


  1. so funny and so sad all at the same time!!!! A valentines dinner never to be forgotten!

  2. well at least its a memorable one! heart pizza must have been the thing this year. i love that you ate all sorts of other red/pink foods too. hope the job search is going well...

  3. Way to make the best of it! There's always edible stuff under the black parts, right?

    A memorable valentine's day for sure! And hey, it's the thought that counts. Sweet of you to make a loving meal :)